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Classic Six is a capsule collection that I have carefully curated and designed for every woman that has a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. It is a collection of timeless pieces that I believe are essential for any wardrobe. They are pieces that for years I haven't been able to find season after season, and pieces I know I will want to wear for years to come. Not basics. Classics...Classics I now want to bring to you!

Remember when I mentioned to you that blogging was starting to feel very excessive to me? Well, it really and truly was. I talk a lot about it in an article I wrote about that time I realized I hated shopping. (It was another one of my aha moments this year.) It got to the point where I had piles and piles of STUFF, and never anything to wear- the classic case of ‘closet full of clothes, nothing to wear.’ You hear me, right? 

And it wasn’t because I ACTUALLY didn’t have anything to wear, but because I had TOO MUCH! Who wants to go through piles and piles of STUFF to get dressed?

Not me. 

For months I hid the overwhelm in my bursting closet and never even opened it. I basically created my own little capsule wardrobe instead...a selective choice of my favorite pieces that I always reach for. I would resort to these pieces week after week; the pieces that carry me from season to season; the pieces I knew always looked great; the pieces I could style in a pinch in so many different ways and create endless combinations. They were my timeless silhouettes. Not the basics, but my CLASSICS.  I hung them beautifully on a rolling rack in my loft, and I didn’t have to shove over 85 hangers to find anything. It looked like an elegant store on 5th ave- the kind you know is going to be too expensive for you to buy anything in.


I started thinking…We are living in an age of EXCESS. People want more and more. Fast fashion is rising at an alarming rate, and where is it all going? Aside from shoved in our closets, and on that beautiful chair in corner of our bedroom that is now covered with the 10 outfits we tried on last night, it's being donated (hopefully)…or worse… 

 It’s going into LANDFILLS. <<ugh>>

<<<<Side Note>>>> I recapped a documentary that changed my whole mindset on fast fashion, and why I went from loving fast fashion to really questioning the effects of a good bargain. If you have a few minutes, you can check that out here.  It was really an eye-opening narrative, that I think many people unfortunately know nothing about.

Classic Six | The True Cost Long story short, I had a bit of an epiphany (not the first, as I’m sure you’ve gathered by reading my story)...

‘If I feel this way, how many other girls are feeling the same kind of overwhelm?'

And that is when I got to work. First thing I did was a full assessment of my wardrobe. 

What are the silhouettes I wear day in and day out? What are the pieces I’ve designed for myself over the years because I couldn’t find them in a store?

Then I went into my inspiration folders (years in the making) and as I was going through piles and piles of magazine tears, and folder after folder of screenshots on my computer, I asked myself…

What are the repetitive themes here? What are the looks I keep responding to year after year?  What do I still love now as much as I did then?

And that is how Classic Six was born. More about the name here!  It is one of my favorite stories. 

I hope you will love what I’ve designed as much as I do! 

What are the pieces in your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?

And what are the ones you wish you had but can never find?

I would love to know! 





Thanks, girls!!
Your wishlist is spot on, Diana! Can’t wait to show you the pieces!

Diana November 19, 2018
I’m sitting here looking at my closet full of clothes and feeling I have nothing to wear!!! Ugh! I LOVE that you’re doing this, But you already know that :) I can’t live without a long line blazer in cream and in black to throw over pants, jeans, belted with a dress or skirt. A crisp white blouse. What I need and have been looking for is a classic trench in a unique color and a cream wrap super soft and warm wrap coat, perhaps with a detachable fur collar. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.
Diana Candela October 23, 2018

I love everything about this – it feels SO RELEVANT and REFRESHING. A capsule closet…need it! Can’t wait to get my hands on Classic Six! 😘😘

Shannon Bond October 19, 2018

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