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Classic Six | Diana LoMonaco Wedding


My mom will tell you that I have had the “fashion bug” since I was a little girl. I wouldn't sleep at night thinking about what I was going to wear to school and always wished I was older so I could go to work and get dressed up.  When I was 9, I was Cindy Crawford for Halloween and I wore Levis, a blazer, and cowboy boots, because I liked “her style.” No one knew who I was, for obvious reasons, but I didn't care. (I promise to dig up a photo for you). For my 6th grade graduation, I couldn’t fathom wearing anything but the pink dress Baby wore at the end of Dirty Dancing, so I begged my mom to make it for me. 

More often than not, my visions for different looks were impossible to find, so I would dream them up, and my endlessly talented mom would make them for me.

Classic Six | Diana LoMonaco WeddingI guess it has always been a suppressed passion of mine that would come and go whenever I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted in a store. Kind of like a seed in the back of my mind that needed water, but always seemed far too out of reach to do anything about. That is until 2017. The year I designed my wedding gown, and my mom once again obliged my request to make it for me. 

15 yards of French silk, 35 yards of ostrich feathers, months of tireless work and stress tears out of an episode of Project Runway, my incredible mom once again made my vision a reality.

After my wedding, I took a real look at how utterly happy it made me to have that experience and how rewarding it was to be a part of such an important and exhilarating design process. To see this creative vision come to life.

Classic Six | Diana LoMonaco Wedding

That small seed in the back of my mind started to sprout more than ever before. So much so, that I was forced to ask myself why I wasn't doing something about it.

Why am I not trying every possible way to bridge this gap between my passion for fashion and my love for design?  Why is it always just a seed of an idea? WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?

Sure, it would be a crazy new world I would have to learn A LOT about.  Yes, I would have to use every drop of my savings to do it. Of course, I would encounter major challenges and failures. 

And then...after seemingly endless battles with myself of  'should I or shouldn't I,'  I realized I could let all of those excuses and fears stand in my way like I have so many times before...OR I can make a conscious decision to put them aside and make this seed into a make this vision a reality.

That seed has blossomed into Classic Six and I couldn't be more excited to see how it grows. 

I would be beyond honored if you came along for this ride. It is going to be a fun one! Plus, I can't wait to tell you all about it the designs! 


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