Hi! I'm Diana. I came up with the idea for Classic Six out of a passion for fashion and pure desire in my life to have less. I started my career designing advertising for Macy’s and later left to start my own business in Graphic Design. About 4 years in, I was missing the fashion world and decided on a whim that I would start a blog. It was during this time that I became completely overwhelmed with fashion. I was shopping excessively to share my inspiration and I was accumulating entirely too much. I started to think, if I am feeling this way, how many other women are feeling this same kind of overwhelm in their own closets and with fashion choice in general?

This was the moment Classic Six was born.

On my journey to have more with less, it became clear to me that a carefully-curated, pared-down closet of quality pieces was the solution. And not just quality in construction, but quality and thoughtfulness in design. Is it versatile? Is it functional? Is it incredibly chic? Will it stand the test of time? Can you style it to create endless looks?

Classic Six is built on this mentality and I am so excited to finally bring this seed of an idea to life.

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