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So…why the name Classic Six?

I love this story. It already feels kind of nostalgic to me....a time when this idea for a brand was just a seed and I was living and breathing its conception. 

Before I tell you, did you read the reasons I designed this collection to begin with?  This story might make more sense if you do. Click here for more on that! 

Back in June, my husband was away for 5 days, which meant that I had 5 days of ME time. I decided to use those 5 days and, for the most part, lock myself in my apartment and design. 

It was that same weekend that Sex and the City was celebrating its 20 year anniversary and there was a weekend-long marathon on E! Could that be more perfect timing? All the girls out there that live with a man know that a full 72 hours of Sex and the City would rarely fly had I not been able to monopolize the TV.

I had it on in the background ALL DAY LONG and I was as happy as a could be.I was narrowing down all of my ideas for the collection to my favorite pieces…the group of silhouettes that I know for sure will stand the test of time….(Again, this will make more sense if you read my inside look.) 

And just as I put aside (what happened to be) my six favorite designs, I hear Charlotte in the background saying something about a man buying a  “Classic Six on the Upper West Side…” and that if he does, it means he is seriously thinking about marriage.

A Classic Six is a rare, prewar, six-room apartment in New York City. It is often referred to as one of the most desirable and sought-after apartment layouts, as it is steeped in rich history and vintage beauty. Often with oak floors, thick walls, solid wood doors and the elegance of the Art Deco era. 

Half paying attention, I laughed...and then I screamed...“OH MY GOD THAT’S THE NAME!” (If you want, you can imagine me exclaiming this to an empty apartment, because that would absolutely be accurate.) 

You are probably thinking, "Wow, that is a weird way to choose a name for your business." Let me explain. 

I had been thinking about what I wanted to name the line for weeks at that point, jotting down notes everywhere I could, with the different ideas that would pop into my head. I didn’t know I would narrow it down to six pieces; I just knew the name needed to fit this idea of something timeless and elegant. 

At that moment, it felt like a God-wink (at least in my mind.) It was a clear sign to me that this is what the name should be, and I haven't thought twice to change it.

To me, the name doesn’t just represent the six pieces of my first collection. It represents an homage to my home....a nod to New York City. It represents my love for all things design. It represents everything I want this line to be. Something luxurious. Something sought-after. Something reminiscent of a true Classic Six. Timeless. Polished. Elegant. 

I hope you all love the name just as much as I do! Would love to hear your thoughts!



Classic Six Exclusive Behind the Designs

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