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Ah…that time I realized I hated shopping…

It was two-fold.

I work in a loft space that also doubles as my closet. When I first moved in, I LOVED it. I had never before had an office in my apartment that was separate from my living space, so it felt really special. I had all of my clothes beautifully organized throughout the space. Clutches on a shelf…all of my bags on separate hooks…shoes ala Rachel Zoe's styling studio. Everything had a place.

It was a dream.

"A dream" until I started really blogging and it all began to feel majorly excessive. When I say, “really blogging” I mean trying to post at least 3 looks a week. Doesn’t seem too bad, right?

3 looks a week=12 looks a month, i.e. 12 (hopefully) inspiring and current (in-stores-now) outfits every month that required me to SHOP. This shopping then turned into rolling racks of clothes and piles of shoes and accessories that made my once-beautiful workspace a MESS of fashion. I was basically working in a messy closet, and it was not good for my mind, or my view. 

So when did I realize I actually hate to shop? And was it just circumstantial?

Well, here was my "aha" moment… 

In the past, shopping for me was like searching for treasure. I rarely bought unless I found a true gem. I would shop when I had to buy something new for a special occasion, or when the seasons changed. I would “shop” to really “browse" as a free-time luxury…aka, walk into a store, look around, and be inspired.  Maybe that’s why when I started to shop with the pressure of “having to buy,” all the fun was taken out of it. Did I want to walk up to a register looking like I was buying for the apocalypse every month? Definitely not. My closet and my wallet couldn’t handle it. I always felt in a rush. I wasn’t making decisions based on a connection. I was making decisions based on speed. That was the lightbulb moment. This exact circumstance is the epitome of “Fast Fashion.” SPEED and pressure to buy.

Most people aren’t thinking anymore. They are just buying. Buying because it's cheap. Buying because they think they need. Buying not out of love, but out of impluse.

I wasn’t appreciating fashion like I used to. I wasn’t seeing something I love and thinking about it for a few days before deciding to buy. I wasn’t taking the time to envision how and where I would wear what I was buying, or assessing if I would even wear it more than once. I was just buying to buy.  

I started to think...maybe more people than we know are buying just to buy, and even because they feel they have to. 

Do you guys ever feel this way? 

We think more stuff is going to create more looks, and the reality is, it just isn’t. I am a perfect example of that. 

If you read the story behind Classic Six and the reason I decided to design this line, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that. Maybe you can relate? Check it out here!

Do I think people WANT to buy, just to buy? No. Not at all. I am sure half of the people out there with closets full of clothes and nothing to wear don’t even realize they are doing it.  But, do I think they WISH to shop purposefully?  Do I think they WISH to shop around and feel a connection before buying? Absolutely.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

Do you sometimes buy just to buy?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the amount of STUFF you have?

Do you wish you had less stuff, but more to actually wear?



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