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"So wait, you are launching a fashion line, but starting a blog, too?"


Let me explain...

I am aware that might seem crazy, with all the other moving parts to starting this business, but to me, this brand is not just about fashion. It is about that undeniably enchanting feeling that comes along with the idea of the Classics.  What is that feeling you get from watching a classic film...or listening to a great old song? 

Is it nostalgia? I'm not sure. How can we be nostalgic about something we have never experienced?

The other day I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time. Can you imagine? <I know.> After it was over, I said to my husband….‘Life was so simple then. Don’t you just wish we could go back in time? Even for a day?' There wasn’t email, there were letters. There wasn’t texting, there were phone calls. There wasn’t scrolling through Instagram or bingeing Netflix. People were living and appreciating the little things. It was so romantic. They were enjoying life because of the simplicity. YES. SIMPLICITY. That's the word. They were disconnected in a technical sense, yet so much more connected. Every so often, I really do wish we could go back to that time. Just to experience it for a moment. To simplify. To stop and smell the roses. Our culture is so ridiculously busy and filled with so much STUFF, that we rarely take time to indulge in the simplicity and elegance of the past, and even the simplicity and elegance of the present.  

The classics are so intertwined with this idea of simplicity and elegance. 

I looked up classic in the Thesaurus as I was writing this, just to see what Webster had to say about the feeling I am trying to describe…and wouldn’t you know...

classic | ˈklasik |

1. classic work: definitive, authoritative, outstanding, first-rate, first-class, best, finest, excellent, superior, masterly, memorable, highest-quality

2. classic design: typical, archetypal, quintessential, vintage, model, representative, perfect, prime, textbook.

3. classic style: simple, elegant, understated, traditional, timeless, ageless, long-lasting, sophisticated

SIMPLE, ELEGANT, TIMELESS. Those are the words I crave. SIMPLE, uncomplicated, effortless. ELEGANT, polished and refined. TIMELESS, long-lasting, enduring. Words that define everything I want this space to embody; everything I want this collection to embody.  Breakfast at TiffanySo what creates simple, elegant, timeless style? 

When people ask me what style is, I always respond the same way. Style can’t be defined. It can't be bought. But it can be dissected.

This brings me back to the entire point of this article. 

What do I want to share in this blog?

 Well...I want to (in not so many words) "dissect" "examine" the Classics.

What is that certain indefinable quality that creates a classic icon? 

Is she well-read? Is she well-traveled? Is she well-spoken? Is she unique? Is she cultured? 

The same can be questioned for classic films, or classic cars, or even classic hotels and restaurants.

Why does the “style” of certain people and things stand the test of time?

Well. Let's find out. Let's escape everyday life into the simple, elegant, and timeless world of ALL THINGS CLASSIC, and maybe, just maybe, it will start to rub off on all of us, too! ;)

Come along?




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