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I am sure you have read articles like this before. I mean, who wouldn't see an article called "6 Essentials to Dressing like a Classic French Beauty" and not want to read it? Could it really be that easy? Only six different things I need to have and I can be as chic as a French woman? Ya. I wish. I will say though, these 6 things are ABSOLUTELY going to get you closer to that pinnacle of Parisian.

Here is my take on it. For years I couldn't put my finger on that certain "je ne sais quoi" (get used to that phrase, I may be using it a lot), but after visiting the gorgeous country several times, it is becoming a bit more clear to me. Less is more for this enigma of a woman. She ultimately sticks to the Classics. Quality over quantity. Simplicity is really key. I rarely see a French woman that is flashy. She is understated and effortless, and spending her entire salary on a wardrobe, or hours getting ready for the day is just not appealing to her.  

So what would I say are the 6 go-to pieces a French girl might have in her wardrobe? 

Well. Let me set the scene. You are an American girl in Paris. It is the quintessential Spring day and you are off to the Louvre for a day of museum-browsing. You are then onto a lunch with white wine, crêpes and a view of the Eiffel Tower. The rest of the afternoon is spent window-shopping with no time to change before you head to dinner with your hunny. You are thinking maybe layers are the answer.  Let's face it, you would obviously rather collapse in the middle of the Palais-Royal from heatstroke, than to be caught dead looking like a tourist in Paris, so you have to choose carefully and very specifically to feel and look effortless from day to night. So, what is the plan?

Ok. Here it goes:

1 | A white linen tee

The kind that shows just enough collarbone. It fits perfectly on the shoulder, but is just relaxed enough that it doesn't hug your waist. Maybe it's even the tiniest bit see-through, and you can catch a slight hint of your black bra. You know, the sexy-without-trying-to-be-sexy look? The Parisian basically invented this.

2 | "THE" jeans

That pair that sits at the top of the pile because you wear them so much. There is no rule regarding style. They could be skinny or trouser, but they have to be the ones that lift your bum, and fit perfectly around the waist. The pair you bring with you on every trip. You wear them in the winter; in the summer; to bounce around town with flats, or with stilettos for a night out. Maybe they even have a few holes in them, but that just makes them even more special.  

3 | An exquisitely-made blazer or jacket

The kind that just feels expensive...with perfect stitching, and all the careful details that make it so impeccable. I would even give you permission to splurge on this one.  If it's Chanel...lucky you. If it's Classic Six...even better. ;) ;) If not, it should be something with an excellent fit. The one you wear when you need to feel strong. Something you can throw over any outfit or draped over your shoulders for that natural French-girl look. 

Onto the accessories... 

4 | A timeless handbag

And make sure it's one that lacks anything that might ever be mistaken as a large obnoxious logo. "You are not a billboard." My dream would be the "Kelly". So let's pretend for this scenario, it is yours as well. You just threw a sultry red lipstick in it for when the sun goes down.

5 | An Hermès scarf

Yes. I'm sorry. This is a must in my book. And it must be Hermès. One, because owning anything Hermès, and you immediately attain an air of French-ness (did I just make that word up?) And two, because they are like works of art. You are WEARING a work of art. What is more French than that? Wear it on your head, in your hair, around your neck, as a belt, as a top, around your wrist, tied on a handbag....The options are just ENDLESS and TRUST ME when I say, you could be wearing a $5 vintage tee that you scored at the local Goodwill with your most worn-in 10-year-old years jeans, and STILL feel like a million bucks with Hermès wrapped around you. For today, you just tied a 90cm in a low loose knot around your neck, just in case it gets a little chilly later in the evening. 

6 | A loafer

A loafer! Why? Because if it is a really chic loafer, (ehhhmmmm, Gucci) it can take you from day to night, and even to the dressiest of restaurants. We also can't forget that a level of comfort is a must. You know, for all of those romantic cobblestone streets you find yourself strolling as the night winds down... 

Sounds like a dream day to me.




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Thank you, Leslie! I am so happy you are following!

Diana November 19, 2018

I couldn’t be prouder of you both!
I love & agree with EVERYTHING you have put together for the Classic Six.
I know your business will be a HUGE success because everything you do is from your heart.
XO leslie

Leslie Silverman October 28, 2018

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