Your holiday party outfit guidebook

The holiday season does not have to be a dreaded time when you max out your credit card on five different outfits for five separate holiday parties and then toss each of them into the back of your closet until they grow old enough to become vintage. If there is a woman out there purchasing seven independent outfits for each night of Chanukah, I’d like to meet her. You should not have to sacrifice style to appease a systematically rated audience for each respected affair you attend. With a little creativity and a dash of extra confidence, all will be honored to see you at your best dressed so long as you feel refreshed and don’t fall into boredom with each look. Here are a few Classic examples of how to create unique and uncomplicated looks using a rotation of the Twiggy Shift Dress for each holiday party with a little imagination. No Christmas magic required. 

For the Office Party 
Layer the Donna Blouse and a great pair of tights underneath the Twiggy dress for a posh twist on a favorite. Pair the look with heels, chunky gold jewelry and your favorite clutch. Then enjoy a few shots with the gossip queens over at HR. 



For Christmas Eve at your In-laws 
Be everyone’s favorite daughter this Christmas in a bare-leg Twiggy with a Katharine blazer draped over your shoulders and over the knee heeled boots. Twiggy is so comfortable that you won't even need to change into the dreaded matching PJs this year as everyone cozies up to watch It's A Wonderful Life. 


For Chanukah with Friends 
No matter what night you light the Menorah with your loved ones, be sure to pair your Twiggy with a silk neck scarf, loafers with dainty socks and the Jackie Duster Coat to top it all off. Opt for your favorite tote bag to complete the look - and to pack all your fabulous gifts in.


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