Classic Holiday Gifting

As the old adage states, ‘tis better to give than to receive, and there is much truth to that statement. Being someone who gives great gifts is an art - and if altruism can take a backseat for a moment here, there is nothing classier than generosity. Maybe you are already a great gifter or perhaps a great re-gifter. Who is the person in your life that gives the best gifts? The beloved aunt who always replenishes your wardrobe with a brand new cashmere sweater every year? The best friend who remembers your brief mention of an heirloom brooch in passing and then it shows up just in time for your brunch gift exchange? Or maybe it’s the boyfriend who is blessed with the gift of reading minds. After years of subtle hints, Pinterest bride vision board tabs left out wide open, inquisitive texts from siblings and direct links to Tiffany's - gifts you the brilliant cut solitaire you always dreamed of. But for those who seem to have everything, we condensed a round up of thoughtful gifts that anyone would appreciate and love.

Note: These have zero chance of becoming regifted. 

La Grand Maribelle candle by Alla Costa  
Who doesn’t love a luxurious candle? La Grand Maribelle draws hints of the warm and soulful deep south. Its floral top notes evoke a garden in full bloom with soft layers of bergamot to prevent an overly sweet aroma. 


Katharine Blazer
This Double breasted slim cut blazer is the perfect addition for a loved ones closet due to its multi-functionality. Not only is it comfortable to wear from gate to gate for your seasoned traveler friends, it literally - (and I can’t stress this enough) goes with everything in an existing wardrobe. And then elevates it.  




Slip Silk Pillowcases
Silk pillowcases are an ideal gift for everyone because last time I checked, everyone loves sleep - but now you can give them the gift of sleeping with benefits. Slip silk pillowcases prevent wrinkles, soothe skin irritations, attract fewer allergens which helps keep it cleaner in between washes and it’s better for your hair. Not to mention, they feel super luxurious. 




Twiggy Dress
It’s a best seller for a reason. Its seasonless and tailored cut makes this an ideal gift for every body shape.  Its versatility makes this a go-to pick when reaching for something to wear in any given closet. Expect a big hug and a handwritten thank you card after giving Twiggy as a gift this year. 

Hermes - daily planner 
For that special someone who loves staying organized or perhaps needs to be more organized. It’s the perfect gift for anyone pre-new years. Did we mention it’s Hermes? Okay, just checking. 

Donna Blouse
Get one for your sister. Get one for your friend. Get one for your mother in law and get one for yourself. Take our word for it - It’s just that perfect.

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