Classic Holiday Destinations

Whether your beach resort vacation is something you look forward to all year or you have a strong standing family tradition of hitting the slopes after everyone opens their presents, packing for a trip is not a task many look forward to, nor is agreeing on a destination that appeases everyone. That’s why we came up with a super cool (and warm) list of vacation spots along with some packing suggestions so you can do what you do best on vacation and - relax. 


If you’re looking to shelf the predictable tropical vacation this winter and journey into these chilly lands that are often less traveled, then trade your sunscreen in for layers and snuggle up to a fire in one of these snow-filled destinations. Pack in layers not in bulk. You will get more outfit options with layered items like long sleeve shirts and light sweaters. Plus going from outside cold air to inside by the fire temps, layers are key. Don’t forget your favorite crossbody bag, cozy scarf and leather or cashmere gloves! 

Visiting the Viking homeland in the winter exposes a magical element to the coastal landscape that has only been matched by fairytales. Pair the Donna blouse with your favorite pair of jeans and wrap yourself in a cashmere sweater or  our Brigitte sweater while you take in the snow-capped castles, partake in Christmas market shopping, and marvel at the Danish architecture for a cozy vacation you won’t soon forget. Top your look off with a wool scarf and hat, and a chunky lug sole boot. 


Home to endless waterfalls, black sand beaches and elf and troll villages, the country as a whole gives an unforgettable and intimate wintery respite -Iceland sets itself apart from its European roots with mysticism, beauty and awe. The Ali Double Breasted Coat will keep you chic and cozy as long as the temps don't dip below freezing. Either way, it's nothing that an authentic Icelandic sweater for an extra layer of warmth can't fix.

If you want to bring in the new year lazily napping on a white sand beach getting gorgeously tan, here are a few hot spots to consider as you welcome 2023 in. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen (duh) along with a few scarves you can transform into either a halter dress, a sarong, or styled as an accessory in your hair, around your get the idea. 

Explore world class reefs as you melt away in a remote over-water bungalow or luxury waterfront resort.  Yacht chartering is available for unforgettable snorkeling and kayaking in crystal blue waters. The Ann convertible tank is the top for a tropical getaway as you have two tops in one. Pair it with the Beverly pant for a sunset dinner. 


THE MALDIVES                                                                                                   

Jet off to picturesque islands in the Indian Ocean where you’ll spend your days swimming with sea rays, watching the tide pull in and out, and diving off your private bungalow balcony into sun drenched waters below. If you wear any clothes at all during this trip, the Donna button down is the perfect swimsuit coverup. It is long enough to cover your bum, but can also be styled with a tie at the waist if you are feeling cheeky. Using the buttons is completely optional, of course.

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