The Anatomy of the It Girl

Men want to date her, women want to be her and those who have been her at some point – will always be her. Her charm is effortless. Her style is uniquely her. She carries a strong intellect and wit in her cool bag and she gives off this vibe that feels oddly approachable because she is sincerely likeable more than she is enviable.

She’s an It Girl. Decoding the anatomy of this rare breed means unveiling her secrets – autopsying this beautiful and untouchable creature who is defined as being more than the sum of her parts. I suggest you screenshot this article as you may want to refer back to it for life altering tips on how to apply the It Girl Magnetism and Dazzle to your own life. Shall we? We shall.

For the past 100 years, the term has been applied to non A-list waifs who cooly bounce in and out of SoHo house and Coachellas. And then too much fame and publicity would replace the IT with an actual name and it’s on to the next blooming rosebud. At the core of every It Girl is a charming personality that is an aesthetic all on its own. Her complexity runs deep as there is nothing shallow about her. Take Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe or Twiggy as an example. Sure, the foundation was set as they were all on the surface beautiful, however they each carried and styled themselves to their own chic drummer. Jackie didn’t glance over at Marilyn’s paper and copy her homework and Twiggy couldn’t see beyond her eyelashes anyway to care what anyone else was up to. None if them needed care beyond themselves – and that is the whole point.

An It Girl is not defined by following trends but rather, by setting them herself. She possesses a distinct sense of style that serves as a reflection of her individuality. From classic silhouettes to bold and memorable pieces, her wardrobe is curated and somewhat predictable (not a bad thing). Her style speaks for herself – but if she did speak, her audience is held somewhat captivated. You mean she’s smart and funny too? Yes and yes. Which leads me to persona and oversharing. She won’t be doing any of that. In today’s digital age, social media plays a significant role in the shaping of an image. An It Girl knows how to navigate this virtual landscape with grace and poise and shares drips and drops of glimpses into her life rather than drowning her audience with tacky content.

Personal style has a lot to do with building an It Girl image. A successful look can carry through generations. It’s practically the Classic Six mission statement. The easiest way to bring out your inner It Girl (she’s in all of us and usually likes to peak her head out when we have a strong morning routine that includes warm lemon water going) is to become inspired by the It Girls and their iconic style that came before us.

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