Seeing in Rose Colored Glasses

Before blonde bombshell Margot Robbie became the red carpet - female power Barbie, there was LA native and model citizen Elle Woods and of course her bedazzled sidekick, Brewser. And before Miss Woods won her first case in dare I say one of the most heart stopping courtroom scenes ever seen on television, there was Barbara - the um, original Barbie. But even before her! Before the plastic boyfriend, the corvette and the dream house there was a moment where Red mixed with White and the soft blush reminiscent of an afternoon in Spring was born and the world became captivated by Pink. In the ever-evolving world of fashion, pink stands the test of time and trends - proving that elegance and femininity will always flatter the beholder. Which is exactly why this playful and versatile hue is weaved into the design story of Classic Six. So how can you incorporate more pink into your wardrobe and style without looking like Pepto Bismol Barbie? Read on.

If you teeter on being a tomboy but want to lean into a style that feels more fresh and sophisticated then get yourself a proper Oxford shirt but make it girly. The Donna button-down shirt in pink has a relaxed fit with extra long cuffs for the option of rolling up to ¾ sleeve. Wear it buttoned up and tucked into your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans or denim shorts for a laid back lewk or rock it as a Shacket, leaving the buttons undone and over a white linen sundress for an extra touch of estrogen to the ensemble. 

To be feminine is to be nurturing, kind and generous. So wear your heart on your removable sleeve in the pink Gabrielle convertible Box Jacket. It’s literally two jackets in one. Read that again. Hidden brass snaps underneath the tweed lining of the sleeves make this two-trick-pony not only possible but a must have. The tweed is made from a wool-blend houndstooth and looks ideal over both a white James t-shirt or tailored trousers. Layer on the pearls, throw on oversized sunglasses and get ready to receive a wave of compliments from admirers. 

While it’s not exactly pink, you do toss your pinky’s up while sipping a chute of champagne. The Kate Slip Skirt has us drinking this look in with its effortless movement and soft sparkling wine color. Do not make the mistake of assuming a silky skirt can only be worn elevated. Dress it down with a pair of Sambas and a leather jacket for a boozy Sunday brunch or strappy sandals and an oversized breathable sweater for hosting your in-laws. Either way you’re having a drink, while looking like one. 

Let yourself embrace the timeless elegance of pink, and let it become a staple in your wardrobe. Pink never goes out of style – it's a perpetual symbol of grace, confidence, and everlasting chic.

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