In our lady Godiva era: spring edit

If we’re being completely transparent (pun intended), Naked dressing has been a huge trend for the past few springs and summers now and it doesn’t seem like it’s going away anytime soon. Celebs are baring it all on the red carpet and leaving very little to the imagination. Sexuality sells but there is clearly a right way and wrong way to do this whole Nude Wear trend. Lines need to be drawn, and we mean both boundaries and hems. While we, Classic Six lean more into tried, true and timeless ensembles, there's just something about Lady Godiva inspo that speaks to the free spirited nudist in us. Let’s dive in. Clothes are optional. 

Jumping into the naked dressing pool can seem intimidating, vulnerable and make us feel self conscious. This does not need to be the case! With a little gentle experimenting with textures and colors you can saunter confidently in buff hued or semi sheer looks, maybe a little midriff. Here’s some birthday suit inspo for you to play around with this season. 

Button down your button downs 

No need to run out and buy sexier clothes to achieve this very minimal look. Take your Donna shirt and leave a few of those buttons unbuttoned. Bare a little more below the collar bones and opt for an interesting, eye catching bralette to peek through every so often. 

Flip it and reverse it 

The exposed bare back of a woman is so underrated. We often forget when we’re getting dressed what a pro move it is to show a little skin back there. Wearing the Brigitte sweater backwards is a brilliant way to play around with nude dressing while being comfy and cozy. 

Got Silk?  

Texture and touch play a big role in the Nude Dressing trend. Wearing wool for example isn’t going to evoke any nude-ish sensations. Silk and satins on the other hand mimic the smoothness of soft skin. The Kate Slip Skirt in taupe creates a fluid motion-like dance with every step, stirring the imagination of everything that’s not being shown. Another great way to wear your silks is to wrap an extra large scarf around your bod as a shirt. See below for a great way to do this tucked into our Beverly pants

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