Endless styles for packing light

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or jetting off for an international week long trip, you don’t need to cram your carry-on and check an additional piece of luggage that’s filled with miscellaneous costume changes. If you can get away with just a carry on, even better because let’s be honest, waiting at baggage claim for your luggage to drop only to dislocate your rotator cuff while yanking it off the conveyor belt isn’t the most fabulous way to start your trip. Less is more when it comes to just about everything - especially packing. Here are a few tips for being the light and fashionable packer you have always dreamed of being. Thank us later. 



One of the sneakiest and most skillful ways to go from casual to glam is accessories. Pack your Classic Six Donna Button Down shirt and pair with your favorite pair of jeans and ballet flats for a late brunch abroad and then later, add wrists full of bracelets and bangles with a statement cocktail ring for dinner.  Switch out your day tote for a leather clutch and toss on your favorite pair of heels if your feet don’t ache from walking all day. Accessories take up less space in your luggage while allowing you more success in transforming outfits from day to night or day one to day three. 



Skip over packing for the sake of variety and only bring items you love and of course, feel comfortable in. If you wouldn’t want your picture taken in a certain outfit then don’t pack it! Simple enough, right?  While pulling clothes, it would also be wise for you to note that all of your tops go with all of your bottoms. For example, let’s say you plan on packing three tops and three bottoms and they all work together. Congratulations, you’ve essentially just packed at least nine potentially fabulous outfits - not to mention the extension of possibilities by accessorizing with jewelry, shoes and purses. Layering techniques will also benefit your travel style and luggage space. Packing a great silk scarf can cinch your look in a snap with endless versatile options 

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