On my fashion journey, I found that editing my clothing down to only the pieces I absolutely loved and could style a million ways was a game changer. For me, these pieces were my timeless silhouettes.

Side note: If you are interested in doing your own closet edit, I've created a step-by-step guide (perfect for people like me who have trouble letting go) that I am now officially calling the Classic Six Closet Edit Method

I always recommend having those never-go-out-of-style wardrobe items as a foundation, and if you are going to buy something new aside from a piece of clothing you know will stand the test of time, buy an accessory that you are swooning over. In this case, even if it's trendy, I approve. Just be thoughtful about it. Envision how you will wear it and what you will style with it. It is the easiest way to make your overall look feel special and fresh. Plus, accessories have the power to really show your personality and make even the most pared-down wardrobe unique. Michael Kors said it best...

"Accessories are the exclamation point of a woman's outfit."

I like to say that if Classic Six is the essence of great style, accessories are the personality.  My white Donna blouse unbuttoned and half-tucked with my turquoise squash blossom has a very different feeling from my white Donna blouse buttoned to the top with strands of pearls. Same shirt, two totally different "personalities."

Do you guys have accessories that bring you joy? What is your style personality? Does it change with your mood?

Diana LoMonaco Closet | Classic Six I love these examples from my own closet....

My Hermès Scarf. The Manhattan Vintage Show is always around my birthday, so picking out a 21st birthday gift that year was not hard. It is the most gorgeous blush pink mosaic print and I sill wear it with so much pride all these years later. 

My Vintage Gucci Bags. They were my Mom's from the 70’s. On one of them, the strap had ripped, so I revived it by replacing the strap with a gold chain. To this day, it is still my favorite piece.

Classic Six | Hermes | Gucci | Diana LoMonaco

My Squash Blossom Necklace. I was 22 years old and on a girls trip in Scottsdale, Arizona. At that time, it was probably the biggest fashion purchase I had ever made. I went back to the store 4 days in a row asking to see it, and on the last day, I finally allowed myself to buy it. I think of this story every time I wear it.


My Chanel Chain Belt. I did a swap with the owner of a consignment shop in Hoboken, NJ. He took two pairs of shoes that were collecting dust in my closet. I got the belt. Best deal I ever made.

Classic Six | Chanel Chain Belt | Diana LoMonaco

My Aquazurra Stilettos. I drooled over them for years, and then later found them in Goodwill for $20. Brand new. Stickers still on the soles.

Classic Six | Aquazurra stilettos | Diana LoMonaco

My Ferragamo Flats.  They were a whopping $40 and I scored them only after waiting on a 3-hour sample sale line. It was worth it. 

My vintage Gucci overnight bag. I was visiting friends in Boston and on our way back from getting coffees one morning we stopped in a tiny consignment shop on my friends block. This special piece was in a sale section for $300. Needless to say I swiped it up. 

Classic Six | Vintage Gucci Bag | Diana LoMonaco

My Burberry Snakeskin Gloves. Found at the Outlets in Woodbury Commons in upstate New York. Some woman literally ripped them out of my hands and I had to call over security to get them back.

Classic Six | Ferragamo Scarf | Diana LoMonaco

My Turquoise Ring. I fell in love with it in a vintage store in Nantucket and swore I was going back to buy it, but never made it. When we got to the airport, my husband told me I forgot something and handed me a little pouch. Inside was the ring.

My Cartier Love Bracelet. My sister and I bought them for each other for our 25th birthday and we haven’t taken them off since. Ps. I have a really good story about Cartier, if you are interested click here!


Classic Six | Jewelry | Diana LoMonaco

My Louis Vuitton Speedy. The first designer bag I ever bought myself. How can I ever part with it?

My Dior Twilly. A gift from one of my dearest friends for my bridal shower. (The same friend I spoke of here that introduced me to the world of Diana Vreeland.)

This list goes on and on...

My ultimate closet goals are to have an edited collection of timeless, quality clothing and beautiful accessories that all bring me joy. 

Are you guys with me? Tell me about an accessory that brings you joy!

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Yes, Roseanne! I love Weiss, and of course Hermès and pearls! You definitely cannot go wrong!

Diana November 19, 2018

Love your stories about accessories that bring you joy. I always find accessories can speak to you like a work or f art. Several years back I was into collecting vintage pins. Probably my favorite are designed by Weiss. I still love my Hermès bracelets. One was a gift, which is always special and the others I was lucky to acquire at an Hermès sample sale. Of course, my favorite go to piece is a pearl pendant and earrings that always sit on my mirrored tray. You can never go wrong with pearls. “Classic”

Rosanne November 16, 2018

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