Kristina LoMonaco, brilliant Interior Designer, (and my sister) answered six interior design questions for the Classic Chronicles! We love what she had to say! @kristina_lomonaco.

CC: What immediately comes to mind when you think of classic architecture?
KL: Coincidentally, growing up, my dream was to own a Classic Six in New York City. What is a Classic Six, some of you might ask? Well, it’s quite the coveted apartment layout here in New York, mostly found on the Upper West and Upper East Side. The prewar classic style has a proper room for everything – dining, sleeping, cooking, etc. As an interior designer, I always felt the design opportunities were endless! We will talk more about the allure that is the Classic Six in next month's story, so stay tuned for that!CC: If you had to pick your favorite era for furniture design, what would it be? KL: It would, hands down be, Hollywood Regency. The style dates back to the 1930’s when Hollywood was in its golden age, but the style is virtually timeless in my mind. There is just something so glamorous about the time period. Designers would use plush velvets mixed with bold geometric patterns, contrasting colors and always include a pop of acrylic. Those who are familiar with my style know that a room is not complete without a little lucite!CC: Who is your interior design style icon? KL: Speaking of Hollywood Regency, we must bow down to the marvelous Dorothy Draper. She was an iconic decorator in the 1940’s known for taking old classical pieces and giving them a fresh twist incorporating daring lacquer paint and botanical pattern wallpaper. She loved playing with contrast and scale. She was bold, yet feminine, and her style has stood the test of time. Her take on traditional design propelled her into a successful career, becoming quite popular with the high society crowd. Let’s all take a lesson from Dorothy! She was a pioneer in the industry and a major #girlboss!CC: Is there a classic accessory in interior design that you believe has stood the test of time? KL: You will find Chinese Happiness Jars, aka ginger jars, all around my apartment. They are clustered on my mantle, on my coffee table and even on my bathroom shelf. These jars date back to the Ming Dynasty, and were used for daily provisions such as salt and flour, but now you will most likely see them as decorative accents in a room. The double happiness symbol found on most traditional jars is created by the combination of two xi (joy) characters and referred to as shuang (double) xi (joy)." These jars have been prevalent since 1368. They are certainly timeless, and bring joy – a win win!CC: If you had to compare one piece of furniture to the timelessness of the classic white collared shirt, what would it be? KL: I look at the classic white collared shirt as a universally elegant piece. I personally own many! I think the same can be said about a crystal chandelier. You can dress it up or down, and the crystal chandelier is the epitome of elegance.CC: What would you say is the most classic color in interior design? KL: That’s a tough one because I don’t think there is a definitive answer here, but if I had to pick one, I would say navy. Navy is classic, clean and neutral. 

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Thanks, Stephanie! You are the sweetest! xo

Diana November 19, 2018

You are both so very talented and creative. Loved this article! Keep them coming :)

Stephanie November 16, 2018

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