How to manipulate your signature style

Through the years, you have probably dabbled in your fair share of fashion trends and by now you have a strong sense of what your personal style is. For example, Jackie O. is known for her oversized sunglasses while Audrey Hepburn coveted the ballet flat. Whether you prefer to dress super feminine on a regular basis or athleisure is practically your second skin - your signature style is how you introduce yourself to the world and how the world receives you. 


Despite the fact that fashion is an ever evolving menagerie filled with endless choices, discovering your signature style is part having an honest conversation with yourself and part establishing a closet for your future self. And if we are being really honest with ourselves, we have all slipped into some undesirable styles that we once thought was our “signature” look. The early 2000s were unkind to us all. Let’s just hope there are no remnants of it still hiding in your closet.  

Food for thought: What looks have you been complimented on? What go-to outfits do you feel most confident in? What silhouette flatters your body shape the most? All good questions to ask yourself while you take a healthy inventory of your closet. Speaking of, a deep dive in the Classic Six Closet Edit Method is a great place to start.  


When was the last time you took a good look at your wardrobe? If you find a repeat of similar pieces, take notice of that - because that’s what you feel most comfortable in. Perhaps you find that you own 10 black t-shirts (guessing black is your color?) - there are endless ways to hone in and capture your look with the right accessories to finesse even a simple black tee. Classic Six is known for punctuating the staples you already own and using it as a foundation to build upon. Go monochrome with black jeans or color block it with white cropped trousers for a more sophisticated aesthetic. Relying on staples that you find yourself running back to day after day is not a bad thing because you’re playing on your strengths. It’s actually where the idea for Classic Six began! 

Sometimes it’s not so much about the beloved item, but the way it’s styled that becomes part of our signature. Two great examples of this is if you find yourself habitually half tucking a shirt, or flipping the collar. When you take note of your own unique style, something magical happens. Your closet will be more concise because your shopping will be more mindful
and you’ll become more proficient in creating everyday looks - with confidence.

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