The Hero Piece

They say, “never meet your hero”. But we say, if that hero is a buttery leather jacket, or a perfectly crisp white shirt  you not only need to meet it, but buy it ASAP. You love the hero piece, and they love you right back. Whether you realize it or not, you have had a hero piece in your wardrobe for as long as you have been old enough to pick out your own outfit and dress yourself. That jeweled tiara you had in kindergarten just went with everything, huh? Your beloved hero piece hopefully has transcended the days of Barbie costume jewelry and Juicy Couture terry cloth hoodies (you know you’re guilty of it) - but now, as a fashion conscious adult, it’s time to take closet inventory (again) and figure out what our current hero pieces are and observe how their adaptability measures up.  

Still a little clueless as to what your hero piece actually is? It’s the item you turn to time and time again - it’s the glue that holds most of your outfits together throughout every season. It could be the vintage structured Prada bag you scored second hand, a black pashmina you treated yourself to during the holidays, or your desk to dinner Classic Six Twiggy Shift Dress that pays you compliments every time you step out in it. Your hero piece has staying power and opens up a style dialect of self expression. It’s your can’t-live-without, pack-it-for-every-trip essential - a classic that is true to you. 

Cheat Sheet: Freshening up your wardrobe means seasonal cleanses and not just during Spring time. We encourage you to hit the pause button on shopping splurges and sprees and get an education on your closet and its phases. That’s why we created the Closet Edit Method.

Freshening up your wardrobe means serious spring cleaning and rethinking shopping splurges. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and adopt a different purging and editing method if our wardrobe is still bursting at the seams. Investing in new hero pieces is simple, but one must avoid the sand trap of alluring trends and fast fashion. A cashmere sweater has been, is, and always will be, in style. A neutral tone trench coat has stood the test of time - and flatters literally everyone. And of course this wouldn’t be a hero piece article without mentioning yet again, the perfect white shirt. Focus on timelessness and quality. Your money will go a long way and you’ll find the time of choosing what to wear in the morning is cut in half - and who doesn’t love that? 

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