Reinvigorate Your Look By Layering

When we think about layering clothes, our first thought might go to a particular season like Autumn, or if you live in the North East, you’re dealing with weather uncertainty pretty much all year round. With unseasonably warm days in February and a chilly summer night post rainstorm, grabbing a light jacket or having an extra “just in case” sweater in your bag is the norm. But layering is not just weather permitting fashion. While it’s super functional, it’s also incredibly chic when done right. 

A layered look might appear to be thrown together casually without a second thought or triple glance in the mirror before heading out, and sometimes it could be, but it’s actually quite technical. When experimenting with sweaters, jackets and tops, one must be conscious of lengths, colors, textures, structures etc. Any chunky sweater is the ideal layering starting stage for beginners, but of course our love for our Brigitte sweater runs deep because of her season-less linen yarn and weighty waffle knit. Check out the below Instagram reel to see what we mean, plus the many ways we wear her on the daily. 


It’s relaxed, slouchy fit can be thrown on over a white tee, or just as is. Paired with an oversized denim jacket (or a leather jacket) hung across the shoulders and now you have a layered look that looks effortlessly polished. It really doesn't get easier than that! 

Perhaps one of your favorite summer looks could be reinvigorated by pairing a turtleneck underneath. The rules of fashion are pretty seasonally stern but were also meant to be broken - white can also totally be worn after Labor Day, guys it's called Winter White. Hi. 


Cooler months naturally afford us more versatility and options, but it also gives us an opportunity to wear things that are already hanging in our closet. Jumpsuits and overalls were designed deliberately for layering, allowing dimension and functionality and for each piece to be noticed. 

When throwing together a layered look, think full exposure. Belt your cardigan to let your crisp classic six Donna button down show and then leave your coat open so that every piece is visible. With warmer months approaching, day to night looks have a reputation of being classically layered. Style your sheath work dress with a contrasted color blazer. Then, ditch the blazer for date night cocktails later on. Sometimes subtractions can be just as chic as layering additions. 

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