Unfolding the Accordion Pleat

The art of pleat fashion stretches all the way back to ancient Egypt, where Pharaohs and high ranking leaders wore handmade pleated tunics made of the highest quality silk or cotton. The pleat-making process back then was no easy feat. Not only was it unbelievably time consuming but the pleats would come undone after only the first wash and then the time intensive decoration would have to be hand made all over again, hence why pleats were a sign of wealth and power. Fast forward a few thousand years into the Elizabethan Era and the fashion forward pleat was still a major status symbol for nobility. Today, pleats continue to be a timeless staple in our wardrobe and though its process has definitely evolved over time it has still captured the hearts and closets of fashion icons and fashionistas for centuries. Not to mention the hard-to-ignore rise in tenniscore and golfcore apparel in the last few years. Adding a little pleat to your summer with style and swing while serving some looks at the US Open this month is the perfect way to show off your personal style while also letting everyone know you’re super athletic. (wink. wink.)


All pleats are not created equal as you may have noticed. Your private school skirt from high school might have consisted of a box pleat style, while the Classic Six Marilyn Accordion, consists of tight folded pleating known as, you guessed it, accordion pleats. The sunburst accordion style of the Marilyn allows the garment to expand its shape in fanning waves of movement that feel feminine and refreshing. 

Some Insight: While the Marilyn skirt was named after Marilyn Monroe’s role in the film Seven Year Itch, the skirt embodies much more of the woman she is rather than the iconic subway air gust meets skirt scene. Photographer Ben Stern best depicts Monroe’s true essence in The Last Sitting which was photographed only six weeks before her untimely death. 

The best part about the timeless accordion pleated skirt is that it is seasonless and versatile and looks gorgeous on every body type. For a midi length, like the classic six Marilyn, opt for heels, ankle boots or knee high boots if you wish to add extra length to its long vertical lines - or, slide on strappy sandals, ballet flats or favorite pair of knock-around-white-sneakers for a casual but still very much put together look for your Sunday errands run. It literally goes with every shoe.


Blouses can be tucked in or tied just above the waistband for that extra laid back style that feels effortless. Chunky knits and sweaters either over the blouse or alone also work perfectly with the accordion style. Now all you need is a light weight denim or leather jacket swung across your shoulders and your favorite purse or tote. The perfect look for modern day pharaohs, queens and of course Marilyn Monroe - the legend and inspiration behind the Classic Six Accordion Skirt. 

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