The Fast Fashion Faux Pas

You’re vegan. Your car is electric. Your dog is a rescue. All environmentally conscious boxes are checked, right? Not so fast! Did you know that the biggest polluter behind oil is the fashion industry? Trendy items that get tossed away or worse, burned - further polluting the air after the season’s collection ends. We’re upset about it too, not to mention a bit concerned about what those skeletons in our closet are actually wearing.


It’s time to run, not walk away from fast fashion and enter the age of sustainability—clothes and accessories that are made with the intention to withstand the test of time. The issues that arise with caving into fast fashion trends season after season are staggering - and we, the consumer, blindly come back for more due to its affordability and its mass production convenience while Mother Nature pays the heftier price. 

Tip: Are you an ex shop-o-holic that might be feeling a bit judged and overwhelmed? We feel for you. After all, that’s how the idea of Classic Six was conceived. If you’re ready to stop impulse buying and start shopping smartly, it's time to purge your closet of outdated items we are here to help

We can all do our part to make our earth and our closets healthier. Donate your clothes rather than throwing them away for a better chance in having them end up in landfills and invest in quality items that will not only hold their form for years to come but will also still be in style. Managing a sustainable wardrobe has never been simpler. Choosing wardrobe staples over trendy splurges allows you to mix and match and create different daily looks effortlessly. A great initial Investment lewk would be a perfectly fitted blazer (Hello, Katharine!), a quality pair of jeans and a crisp collared shirt. An outfit so simple and fabulous even Mother Nature herself would approve.

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