Dress Like a French Girl

One of the most sought after styles that presents itself as so identifiable yet so seemingly unattainable is the French Girl. While you may not have an ounce of Parisian blood in your 23 And Me results- there is some good news. You can attain the loosely unglued elegance that the Parisian gal captures best. There’s a little French girl in all of us that’s dying to come out. Her simplistic approach to style and fashion is effortlessly chic. The simplicity of the French girl’s style is never boring or basic - but rather timeless and elevated. She never tries too hard, and that’s the type of attitude that exudes confidence, and confidence is a look that is trending every season. 


When you allow your inner French girl to come out, you’re really adopting and owning a strong sense of personal style. A wise Parisian girl will mix high quality pieces with timeless basics. Invest your money in high caliber items like a cashmere sweater or the Classic Six Katharine double breasted blazer - these items alone will multiply your outfit options. Steer away from splurging on seasonal fashion trends that will be out of style by next year (or next week).

Parisian Girl Tip #74: Imperfection is perfection. Looking polished without appearing like you're trying hard is the objective. 

What do the French love more than full bodied wine and pungent fromage? If you guessed sex, you’re not wrong but the answer we’re looking for is, Neutral Color Palettes. The versatility of creams, blacks, whites, navies and grays create an array of inspiring style variations that’s ideal for a clean lined look, full monochrome, and opportunities for layering colors against each other. The French style lies in how items play together rather than relying on perfection. The secret French formula for that je nai se quois is to Wear your clothes, don’t let your clothes wear you. Don’t overthink the process and just keep it simple, oui?

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