Beauty Tips From a Parisian

What is it about the crystallized image of a Parisian woman that separates them from the rest of us mortals? They can only get away with saying credit is all due to the “Je ne sais quo” for so long. At some point, the Beautician magician has to draw the curtain and reveal all the juicy secrets that make up at least half of the sought after French girl aesthetic. The other half of course is responsible for their clothing. The care-free couture. A crisp white button down like the Donna shirt and the oh-so-chic Marilyn are without a doubt staples in every Frenchie’s rotation. But exactly how much effort does it require to look effortless? Read on. 

One tip we learned on our investigation is that French girls don’t wait for date night to wear perfume. In fact, dabbing their favorite scent behind the ears and on the wrists before leaving the house is so second nature to them. It’s part of their daily morning routine. Speaking of routine, Parisian women take their skin care rituals very seriously. It’s quality over quantity (sounds fashionably familiar) when it comes to their facial products. Finding the perfect skin care regimen is like getting your clothing tailored. Everything works best when it’s a perfect fit. 

Since Parisian women take such good care of their skin, makeup falls a bit behind on their priority list. However, they are not known for shying away from a classic red lip when opportunity knocks. They use makeup to appear more interesting rather than more beautiful. The effortless look of a Parisian girl always appears nonchalant with an unwavering confidence. So if you take away any tips from the French girl, take this: viens comme tu es. 

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