A Classic Take on Spring 2023 Accessories

It seems like the fashion maximalists have been eavesdropping on our mini conversations all year and decided to throw an oversized wrench in our clean cut closet. But by now, you’re too smart for these well-designed-designer mind games. You've spent all year curating a well-rounded wardrobe that only consists of quality classics and beloved items you reach for over and over again. However, a little indulgent dabble never hurt anyone - so long as you do it with control. Here are a few spring 2023 fashion accessory trends that won’t take your closet 10 steps back. 

Image by British Vogue 

Little White Sock 
Instead of going overtly sexy and “showing a little leg”, this spring we’re showing a little white sock paired with a sneaker, a heeled Mary Jane or loafers. It’s an unexpected detail that adds a confident element to the look - especially when you pull it all together with the Twiggy dress. It’s basically Spring personified. 


Fanny Packs
Blame it on 90s style that has come back full force, but we welcome it with open arms. The Fanny pack has come a long way in terms of design and chicness, proving to us all that it has staying power in our closets. Worn as a cross body over a buttoned up Donna blouse is an edgy take for this handsfree classic. 


Matchy Matchy 
At some point in time, someone created the rule that your purse should match your shoes. This year, the couture gods are saying that the bag must match everything - taking the monochrome theme to a whole new level. So if you want to invest in a navy clutch to go with your Katherine blazer - 2023 is the time to do that.  If you shoes and bags are your limit, do it in a way that is subtle. Caramel on caramel or ivory on ivory. 

Ballet flats 
Even if ballet flats weren’t on the 2023 accessory forecast, we would put it on the list regardless. The Chanel two tone flats are a cult classic and for good reason. Pair it with the Marilyn skirt this spring to give off that low-key Parisian vibe everywhere you go. 

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