The New Wave of Black Voices in Minimalism

Since the globally wide social upset of 2020, the fashion industry has experienced a surmountable amount of social change that will forever affect the designer and consumer relationship. Today, black designers, artists and influencers are rightfully receiving more spotlight and recognition for their contribution and artful eye in the arena of minimalist aesthetic. The minimalism approach is defined by fabric, practicality and comfortability. An ethos Classic Six passionately believes in. It’s the less is more theme and it’s stitched and highlighted into all elements that make up a lifestyle, not just clothes. You can usually spot this design from across the room due to its neutral, tonal hues often set as a monochromatic theme and notable geometric shapes. Here are a few incredibly talented minimalist artists to look out for. 

Cold Laundry
What began as a passion for a fashion project between husband and wife Cerise and Ola Alabi brought in over one-million in sales in its first year on the market. The cuts and colors are inspired by Korean fashion. Their London label “Escape the Noise” is their latest monochrome unisex collection. 

Multimedia designer, artist and fashionista Na Chainkua Reindorf believes that minimalism isn’t defined by its lack of vivid color but rather by the silhouettes the shapes take throughout the design. Her work in textiles shows this talented and elegant restraint repeatedly. When she’s not rendering a large-scale tapestry, Reindorf finds any excuse to stretch her creative muscle by dressing up in her favorite classics - even if it’s just going to the grocer to buy milk. 

Claude Home 
Former fashion editor for I-D magazine, Maggie Holladay expanded her love of wearable ornaments to home design. Her idea of minimalism is simple. Invest in a few cherished pieces that hold deep meaning to you and forget the rest. Claude Home is one of the first New York based social media platforms that showcased minimalism by way of cloud like boucle sofas. Her life and style advice is to de-clutter your home and closet to leave more room for the things that really matter in life. 

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