The Last First Date Look

Every hot blooded American woman knows about Ina Garten’s engagement chicken dish - especially after it was published that it was the homemade dinner Meghan cooked for the Prince on the night of their proposal. A dinner so elegant and simple, it evokes a wholesomeness that only a family and a home can provide. But for those of us who weren’t blessed with talent in the kitchen and would rather have a night out with your significant other - we give you the Last First Date Look -  an ensemble that was tailor made to have your beau on one knee with a black velvet box before the chef’s specials are rattled off - and it’s way better than chicken. 

The reason this look (I promise, I’ll tell you what it is very soon) is called the Last, First Date is because it is encouraged to wear on the very first date you have. We all want to make a good impression on the first official night out. The truth is, the date starts well before he opens the car door for you. It begins in your closet. Are you trying everything on including items you haven’t worn in four years and tossing them onto a pile on the floor / second guessing yourself with every angle and every pivot in the full length mirror? Or - did you gleefully pull your Classic Six Twiggy dress and lay it out on your bed, throwing on your favorite Spotify playlist while Gua Sha-ing in the vanity mirror? The best look of all is the confidence you wear when you are authentically you. No loud trends, no nonsense in trying to look like someone else - just the best version of you. (plus a little leg) Because nothing is more flattering or attractive than being classically yourself - and how refreshing to be a sophisticated original in a world of boring carbon copies. 

So if you don’t make Ina’s chicken or if you chicken out on confidence, take this one piece of dating advice: 
Wear the Twiggy. 

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