Spring Essentials Checklist

The Spring 2023 essentials checklist. The importance of this checklist is so palpable, I had chills just typing out the words. This well-curated closet edit will help you navigate any purging or light shopping that needs to be completed for a smooth transition into the Spring season ahead - and for many more to come. The standards of essentials have been raised over the past few years, and that’s a good thing. While some items have earned their staying power decades ago, some newbies have acquired a lasting impression and are entitled to a permanent spot in our walk-ins. Just because it’s worth saying again, here’s our Spring 2023 essentials checklist. What a rush. 

Chunky knitwear 

A great chunky sweater like the Brigitte knit is ideal for all seasons but especially the unpredictable weather that Spring brings. It goes from everything from jeans to slinky silk dresses and you can even wear it backwards for some back skin exposure. Wink wink. 

Crisp white tops

For obvious reasons. The Donna button down is so versatile, it belongs in virtually every closet no matter what their personal style is. The solid staple creates a sturdy foundation and perfect launching pad for every wardrobe. 



Chambray Shirt 
A newbie to the essentials list. If The white button down had a cool cousin who lives on the west coast it would be the Chambray shirt. The relaxed fit of denim is a more laid back alternative to the classic white Oxford. No competition, they're still best friends. 

Leather jacket 
It’s the investment piece that goes with everything and gets better with age. Like Kevin Costner. 

A perfect white tee
The search for the perfect white tee is an everlasting saga which is why a certain brand that you know and love may have something up their sleeve for Spring that has been in development for literally YEARS. That’s all we will say for now, but you heard it here first. 

Additional musts: ballet flats, Flattering jeans ,LBD and LWD 

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