A Classic Take on Easter & Passover Looks

When it comes to dressing up for a holiday party, Easter and Passover aren't usually the first high holidays that come to mind as they usually fall somewhere after Christmas, and New Years Eve. Perhaps we are all just still recovering from the winter holiday season that we couldn’t possibly wrap our minds around the fact that it's already Spring.  However, the floral and pastel infused holidays sit at the top of the list solely based on color play, outfit experimentation and the warm breeze that comes with it all - hopefully. Below are a few holiday party lewks to play around with that are perfect for Temple to brunch or Easter Vigil followed by competitive egg hunting in your in-laws’s gardens. Let’s hop to it. - Bunny reference had to be said, forgive me. 

If Easter Day or Passover for you consists of a long (but beautiful!) religious service, easter basket filling, matzoh making, egg dying and a proper sit down dinner, we highly suggest the Bianca dress. Here’s why. The dress can be worn as a mini, midi or maxi due to its fabulously thoughtful two tier detachment. You can give yourself a wardrobe change after church from maxi to midi or remove both tiers off to show off your great legs when it's time for group pictures. The Bianca is a smart choice for those who want to feel perpetually fresh and new during long days. 

As if you needed a holiday as an excuse to wear this duo together. The Twiggy dress paired with the Katharine blazer is a no brainer. No matter what color combo you style together whether it's Twiggy in pink with a tweed ivory Katharine or go full navy on navy, it’s the perfectly polished spring look that you’ll find yourself pulling together for so many future occasions - whether it's Easter or Thanksgiving or girls night out, it works. 

For those of us who share a more intimate, low key holiday and perhaps are hosting and roasting the lamb from home, the Marilyn Accordian skirt paired with the Donna button down is a classic and comfortable no brainer. Its crisp details from wrist cuff to skirt pleat give off an airy fluidity that is both formal yet totally unstuffy. Take this look to the next level and accessorize it with chunky necklaces or a statement ascot.

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