The Resort Report

Spring break has fortified a completely different meaning as of late in comparison to years past. Back in the day, fashion brands unraveled Resort and Cruise collections that were  initially created for wealthy vacationers. The affluent jetsetters of the world who would not be caught dead wearing last year's silk sarong in St. Tropez - God forbid. Today, warm weather fits come rolling in while there’s still a nip in the air. The exclusive pre-season display serves as the perfect launching pad for fashion houses to present their fresh spring and summer collections, all before the local beaches open. 

But it’s not just bikinis and sun hats you’ll find displayed on the racks in the middle of winter. As the travel destination spots expanded territory, the resort fashion had to follow suit -  now, quite literally as we see on the 2023 runways, are sprinkled with two piece tweeds and silks along with - you guessed it. Lots of bold color. 

The smartest and chicest way to shop resort is to purchase seasonless, transitional pieces that seamlessly blend into your wardrobe. The Donna button down in a few sizes too big is perfect for poolside in Grand Cayman Island or over thick, black tights and heels and a floor length fur for a night out in Jackson Hole after hitting the slopes all day. So, when it comes to shopping for resort wear, practicality is key. The real pro tip is leaving room in your luggage for all the shopping you’ll be doing once you get there, anyway. 

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