Classic Type A Tips for Spring Cleaning

Whether it’s the annual event you look forward to every Spring or perhaps you find yourself avoiding the daunting task of closet purging year after year - the big Spring Cleaning is here, yet again. Purging your closet is not only the best way to declutter your items but also allows the process of getting dressed in the morning to be more efficient and more enjoyable. If you have done the hard work of closet purging already, (if you haven’t please read the guidelines here) but you still need some help on accessory organization, here are some clever little tricks and tips to streamline the purging and organizing process. 

Obviously in our dream world, we all own a fabulous walk in closet with not a single wire hanger out of place. (Add two points if you got the Mommie Dearest reference). Unfortunately some of us still live in studio apartments in Manhattan and when we watched the episode where Carrie Bradshaw kept her sweaters in the oven, we felt like we just received a literal Marie Kondo tip. 

Here are the real tips: 

  1. An over the door rack for shoes and small items like sunglasses and headbands can make all the difference in decreasing clutter. 
  2. Keep your clutches and smaller sized purses inside large totes and weekenders to create more shelf space for folded sweaters and pants. 
  3. Purchase drawer compartments for eyewear and chunky jewelry or invest in an acrylic nail polish display - but not for manicures, for your sunglasses! So smart and chic. 
  4. Adding multiple shower rings to a hanger is a genius alternative to displaying scarves and belts. A big “you’re welcome” for that one by the way. 

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