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Wow! How is it already the end of 2020??!

At this time last year, (which feels like a minute ago) we were on the heels of a successful pre-sale and I was more excited than ever to finally go into production and get all of the orders out for our official March 2020 launch…and then February slapped us with news of major production delays, and you know the rest.

I wound up making the decision to move forward with the launch right at the height of the pandemic, with no product in sight, and in a very different way than I had originally planned for, but now, in retrospect, it was the best decision I could have made.

This December feels a little bit different, but in a way that has me just as excited. I feel like there is an energy in the air that is invigorating. Do you feel it too? We are at the precipice of a shift and I am here for it.

As we approach the end of this very unusual year, I think it’s really important to reflect—to dig deep and take a look at how this year of dodging bullets has changed us. How has it shaped us? What can we actually be thankful for? What have we learned? Everyone’s story is different, but I would be hard-pressed to hear that this year hasn’t changed you in some way.

There were so many cancelled plans, shattered ideas, and goals that didn’t come to fruition, but instead of sitting here writing to you about all the things I wish I could have accomplished but didn’t, I am instead deciding to take gratitude in the things that were accomplished.

We launched a brand in the middle of a global pandemic and we still have legs to stand on. That has GOT to count for something, right?! 

Was this year what we all expected? Not a chance. For me, I have had to change course so many times, my head is spinning! Being someone who craves certainty and a well thought-out plan, this year has without a doubt thrown me for a major loop. I have been forced to welcome the uncertainty and just go where the wind takes me. 

Classic Six Fashion Week 2020

The wind is currently talking Classic Six to exciting places that may never be without the experience of the past 9 months. 

Remember that scene in Sex and the City from the “Post-it” episode (ie; the best episode ever) where Miranda fits into her pre-baby jeans is so excited she says:

I have to say I’m starting to agree with Charlotte’s way of thinking.
If I hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant by Steve….
I never would have had Brady…
And had no time to eat…
So I never would have fit into my skinny jeans….
and realize this city is full of cute men. 

In a very frivolous way, to add light to a much more complicated situation, that is kind of what I feel. 

Classic Six Pop-up Shop

Because of the experiences of this past year, I have a new outlook on life and business. If an opportunity pops up or I meet someone that I think I can collaborate in some way, I jump on it. If an idea comes to mind that I think I can see through, I start working on it without worrying too much about failure. My antennas are always up. I have to think outside of the box. I have to find ways to climb over these road blocks that are thrown my way. 

And maybe these road blocks are actually lessons to learn and grow. 

I challenge you to write out one way this year has shaped you and take a few minutes of your day to reflect on that. What were your lessons this year to learn and grow from? How can you take these lessons and use them going forward? I promise that you will find a positive in there somewhere.

And on that note, I must extend a special thank you to everyone who has been our cheerleader over the past 12 months. Your unwavering support is what keeps this ship sailing.

Cheers to YOU and a new year of hope and exciting possibilities, where we all worry less, enjoy more, and welcome the many blessings to come! 


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As always beautifully stated my dearest Diana! I continue to be so very proud of all that you have accomplished! Wishing you, your family & friends the very best 2021! All my love, xo leslie

Leslie Silverman January 06, 2021

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