"The Corona Obstacle"

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I really hope this will one day be an inspiring story, when Classic Six is a SUPER successful, worldwide name ;) but for right now, what I am about to tell you feels like QUITE a hefty obstacle in the way of getting my first collection off the ground. Let's call it the Corona obstacle. 

If you’ve had the chance to read my article about our pre-sale, you know how much it means to me that you have put your hard-earned money towards supporting Classic Six, so it literally pains me to have to tell you that we are looking at yet another delay in launching, this time because of a global production crisis caused by the Coronavirus. More on that later. I am awaiting news on timing and new delivery dates, but here is “the good, the bad…and the pretty.” I took liberty in ditching "the ugly." Always sandwich bad news in between good news, right? And yes, there is very “pretty” news too!

Let’s start with the good.

At the start of this journey, I was adamant on producing here in the United States, yet as much as I would have loved to, it was nearly impossible to do so at the standard and quality I was looking for, while still selling to you at a price I felt was fair and reasonable. With that, my search began for a factory where quality was the focus and the price was right. Enter China. I want to preface this by saying (like I’m sure most of you that see China in a COO label and cringe), I was so MISINFORMED about what it meant to be “Made in China.” My initial thoughts were always, “cheap crap;” “child labor;” “unfair working conditions.” Then I started actually working with China and all of my preconceived notions were completely thrown out the window.

The cost of doing business in China vs domestically is not (at least in our case) less because of the above reasons (and I can assure you that the factory producing Classic Six has been extensively vetted for all of the above), but because domestic manufacturing has a higher overhead, including a higher cost of training and higher equipment costs, equating to a MUCH higher cost of doing business. 

China-based factories produce goods for the global economy. They have scaled their manufacturing capabilities well beyond what was ever believed possible. When you outsource to China, you’re working with time-tested factories that have been producing quality products in similar industries as yours for years on end, and in massive supply. Sourcify 2018, Nathan Resnick 

The cost of living in China is also significantly less, which translates to a lower cost of production for importing countries, but also great economic growth in China-responsible for bringing more people out of poverty than anywhere else. With all that said, I feel really lucky to be working with an ethical factory that has a superb knowledge of textiles and fit, incredibly efficient capabilities, an excellent level of communication and attention to detail, but most importantly, impeccable standards for the quality I want to bring to you!

Now, for the bad.

Well. It’s not BAD yet, at least for us. In fact, my factory is telling me all is going to be OK, and that there may only be a slight delay in production. As I am sure you know, the Coronavirus outbreak in China has massively hit global supply chains, which in turn is hitting smaller, start-up supply chains (like us) pretty considerably as well. 

Side note: I want to take a second to send my prayers and concerns to everyone involved in this crisis and let you know that we are all praying for your health and safety here in the United States! 

According to my factory representative, all are, in fact, healthy and safe near our facility, which I was so happy to hear!

I feel optimistic, but I want to be fully transparent with you! It is understood that the government is mandating when people in China can return to work. According to the New York Times, “Quarantines, blocked roads and checkpoints are stopping millions of workers from returning to their jobs. At least 760 million people — slightly over half the country’s population — are under various kinds of lockdown."

I am praying this grim news is not as grim as it sounds, (for us and all of those being effected in China), and I am holding out hope that this can all be resolved with only minor delays. I do however, want to apologize now, in advance, for whatever length delay this may be. As much as this is out of my hands, I feel incredibly responsible that those of you who ordered in our pre-sale will have to wait longer for your beautiful pieces! I want you to have them more than ever, and trust me, I will be doing whatever I can to expedite this process. I promise to keep you posted, as always, and as I receive new news on delivery dates, you will be the first to know! 

Now, for the pretty

(I think we’ve had enough ugly news for one day)

For starters, I want to remind you that the pieces many of you bought in our pre-sale are SEASON-LESS, meaning you can wear them all year-round, into Summer and Fall. Regardless of this delay, you are the owner of silhouettes that don’t have a time stamp. I plan on showing you all the ways to wear them through each of the seasons, so stay tuned for that!

As for our launch campaign, we are shooting on Friday! I am so excited because I have an INCREDIBLE photographer on board and our secret location is going to be so special. We are forging ahead! Plus, we are partnering with some FABULOUS accessories brands to style the collection! Now I just have to find my patience again, because I am so desperate to share all of this great content with you!




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