Are we taking an athleisure break?

Beauty is pain - we hear it all the time. And If you have ever needed to sneak a pair of flats to an after party to give your feet a break from the seven inch heels you’ve been schlepping in all night then you know fashion can be doubly as painful. Losing a favorite pair of sunglasses is also painful - emotionally speaking. At some point in time, even before the great quarantine of 2020, the people spoke up and they wanted comfort and they wanted it now. It wasn’t long until an avalanche of black Lululemon leggings rained down upon us. The athleisure look created an image of not only effortless comfort, but health. Yes you’re out having a girls lunch in wunder unders and sneakers which gets everyone whispering. “Was she just at yoga 20 minutes ago? Wow, She has down time. She prioritizes her physical and mental health” - and that within itself is a status symbol. It didn’t just stop at leggings either - sweatpants , sweatshirts , tank tops and every kind of sneaker you can think of became strutting off of Sunday strolls and onto cat walks.  

But fashion often acts as a pendulum. So as far as it swung to the way of athleisure wear, you can expect a swing in the total opposite direction. Take it to the bank. 

Perhaps we all got a little too comfortable in the sweatpants. Perhaps it’s time to retire the leggings and wear them when you are actually working out and not just trying to appear that you work out. 

If you feel personally attacked by this and aren’t ready to jettison the sportswear just yet, then elevate the look by throwing on the Katharine blazer instead of a sweatshirt (because lets be honest, it is just as comfy) or layer the Donna button down over your Lululemon tank, unbuttoned for a casual yet put together look. Because in a sea of sporty spices today, be a posh spice.

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