Fashion Blunders - A Story of Hope

When we hear of the past coming back to haunt us, do you ever think it could come in the form of outfits from 2003? There is no chill colder than the one that runs down your spine when you stumble upon old pictures of yourself in full blown of-the-times-trends. “I don’t know this person” you tell yourself as you try to shake off the visual that’s now cemented in time, space and Myspace. The confidence back then was truly palpable. Luckily for all of us, trends may come, but they always go. Which is why we encourage a strong pivot away from hot-today-shot-tomorrow fashion and focus on cultivating a timeless look so that you won’t have to be mortified ten years from now when photos get whipped out. Below are some memorable looks that we will deny ever wearing.

Wearing dresses over pants 
What was wrong with wearing pants as an independent item anyway? While we admit we love an oversized look like pairing an over-sized Donna with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans, but wearing an actual dress over any kind of pants reads a little in between walk-of-shame and i-may-have-sat-on-something. Just a few weeks ago Katie Holmes decided to give it a try and we got a real laugh out of the below commentary. It's just a no for so many reasons. 

In your face labels 
There was a time when you didn’t have to ask where someone got something because the label was vulgarly written all over it. Whether it said Armani across your chest or Juicy Couture on your velour butt - any literate person glancing at your attire would be able to know that you are really cool, and spent your money on you look without verbally saying it. While there is nothing wrong in owning and wearing designer labels, there is nothing classy about attention seeking items. Money talks but wealth whispers.  We like a hint of a brand here and there, maybe a Chanel earring, or a small Prada triangle on your new clutch, but it should always WHISPER. You and your confidence should stand out, not the brand.

Why are your calves so much colder than the rest of your body? We suggest you see your healthcare provider. Opt for an over the knee-boot if you want to bring attention to your lower leg. Or these days, we are seeing a tube sock scrunched ala Princess Diana in her Harvard sweatshirt and biker shorts. Still trying to figure out how to wear them in a way that won’t make us cringe ten years from now. Will report back.  Until then, when in doubt, leave it out. 


T-shirts over long sleeve shirt

Ah, the original angsty layering look where nothing says “I listen to good music, ok?” more. Who didn’t rock a graphic Tee over a contrasting colored long sleeve underneath at one point? Please deduct 10 points if you added some sort of seashell necklace with this look. But as you know at Classic Six, we loveee layering. We also love a graphic tee. So may we suggest the chicer, adult version and pair the Donna Blouse under the Twiggy dress. Or even the Donna under our Ann tank as shown below. Or your graphic tee under our classic navy blazer. Now you have a stunning and cool-proof ensemble.


Honorable mentions: Crocs, Blossom Hats, super low rise jeans and dare we say , bucket hats. 

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