NYE Resolution - Classic Edition

With every end there is a beginning. Just so, our annual resolutions display both our accomplishments and shortcomings of the past year. Now is the time we take personal, social and professional inventory and hold it up against our happy meter to see how we’re doing at this whole life thing. A wise woman (me) once said we are all doing the best we can out here. But one time back in 2018 a SoulCycle instructor yelled into the microphone in the pitch black sweat room, “are you ok staying the same?!” and truthfully, those words were life shaping. I went to two more sessions after that and then decided indoor cycling just wasn’t for me, but her words had staying power. Why? Because the answer is always NO, no matter who you are. There is always room for improvement, and change is good - especially when it involves a mind, body, soul evolution. So who do you want to become? What makes her so interesting to be around? And most importantly, how does she dress? 

If your resolutions like most of us involve more treadmill and less gossiping, (because your future self is a size 26 and exudes love & light) then why not add to those conscious shifts and include what’s being added to your closet. A Rock Pilates membership is a great investment for your health, just like Classic pieces are ideal investments for your closet.

Putting effort into how you dress is how you want your environment to respond to you. Dressing well is a form of self respect and good manners. We think weekly manicures with your phone on airplane mode is a form of self care - and it is, but so is taking the time to elevate your look because you love yourself. Being conscious about what you buy not only helps the actual environment but we can guarantee a “less is more” closet to bring clarity and calm to your life.  Be your future self now by following less trends, investing in pieces you’ll still be wearing in 10 years and above all, to listen to your own authentic voice. And SoulCycle instructors. 

Better me, better you, etc etc. 

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