Wednesday Addams - A Fashion Icon

As we enter the proverbial season of the witch, we saunter into a new mood. And if that mood is a bit moody, so be it. Making a statement with that particular state has never been more achievable and we know just how to do it. As if this is breaking news to anyone, all black attire is viewed as forward and super chic while in the past it may have been seen as bold and gothic. Which is cool too. After all, there is a reason why the queen of apathy, Wednesday Addams, feels like more of a relatable style icon today then let’s say her antithesis sunshine girl, Marcia Brady. 

Wednesday Addams is iconic for several reasons. While her emotional detachment and woeful demeanor may be something we can admittedly identify with from time to time, (with our therapist. Once a week.) There is something so powerful and audacious about an all dark ensemble with a resting witch ;) face. Icons like Wednesday drew in fans all types, from misfits and black sheep to design houses such as Prada. The white collar tucked over a black pinafore and accessorized with glossy plaits as seen on their fashion week catwalks make for an instant style classic as if we already weren’t on board.

There are plenty of substitutes for Wednesday’s dire color choice. Navy is the new black for so many reasons. It’s showcased throughout our Classic Six line in the Katharine Blazer, matching Beverly pants, and Ann tankIt exudes a feeling of seasonless freshness, especially for a neutral. 


Note: We call on our inner Wednesday with a Peter Pan collared button down under our Twiggy shift dress. We die for it. 


But is it the brooding black on black look that draws us in like melancholic moths to a dark flame? If you take a closer look at what makes Wednesday Addams a style maven for multiple generations is that she was ahead of her time in regards to sustainability. She knew what look worked for her and she knew what colors paired best with her (very, very fair) complexion. She didn’t over shop. She didn’t waste her time with trends that came and went. Instead, she developed an unapologetic uniform. A capsule collection that best expressed her personal style however doleful her garments translated. And for that reason, Wednesday Addams, attitude and all, for every season not just Fall - is iconic.  

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