Statement Piece: The Silk Scarf

When you see a woman who is accessorizing with a silk scarf, she just told you everything you need to know about her without saying a word. She could be wearing the scarf as a chic, bohemian head wrap or perhaps she tied it around her wrist like a bracelet. Maybe she gently knotted it onto the handle of her purse allowing the pattern to compliment and cascade over like a silk waterfall. But it doesn’t matter what she did or how she did it. The message was delivered: She’s got the IT Factor, and that's all thanks to the statement scarf. 

What makes a silk scarf such an expressive statement piece is the drama it adds to an outfit. It’s like bringing your fun, gorgeous and semi-loud friend to an otherwise dull party. She livens it up a bit, she’s interesting to look at, and everyone wants to know where she came from. It’s the perfect accessory to add into your existing wardrobe because it doubles as jewelry for yourself or your purse!

The silk scarf adds an element of confidence and sophistication to an outfit that other accessories could fall short on. Timeless icons such as Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe were no strangers to the power that the silk scarf held - which is what makes this statement accessory one of the best investment pieces that will always be in style. There’s also a glamorous little rumor that Grace Kelly wore a silk scarf as a sling when she broke her arm. (I know, it’s just so fabulous it’s almost too much).

There are innumerable ways to wear this seasonless statement piece and not just for decoration either. Flying down PCH in a convertible? Tie a silk scarf as a head wrap to avoid getting tangled hair. Need a quick disguise? Throw on a pair of black sunglasses and a silk scarf and exit parties mysteriously (the new irish goodbye?) The silk scarf is not only super functional with an Old Hollywood twist, it also gives us ornamental vibes given the variety of ways to fold these beauties. Here are some chic and easy ways to fold and wear silk scarves like the IT girl you are. 


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