Structured Bags for Fall

After an onslaught of handbag trends that included micro purses so tiny you could barely fit a lip gloss in it - we’re now going back to basics when it comes to what we’re toting around all day. This season, and really every season, is proving once again that timelessness triumphs. For those of us who live out of our purse, carrying around our cant-leave-the-house-without contents every day, a modern structurally designed purse allows our life and lewk to feel clean and symmetric while still being viewed as interesting. Fall is the perfect season to punctuate your accessories and what better way to exercise that right than with a chic, contemporary purse. 

Today, words like minimalism and timeless seem interchangeable when describing the current flux of fashion. Perhaps after 2020 we are viewing our wardrobes as a “clean slate” opportunity to dress sleek and appear effortless. Structured purses have that same effect. When a handbag has well defined edges, there is a balance of posh and sexiness. Its geometric shape welcomes interest that feels mature and arrived. 

Structured Bags We Love: Mansur Gavriel , Gigi New York // Riley Tote, Hermes, Strathberry and of course, Ferragamo

The formula for the perfect handbag goes something like this. A purse with memorable textual lines and a thoughtful frame that elevates your outfit without hijacking the entire look. Brands such as Strathberry, M2M Attalier and of course, Hermes, best capture this blueprint by maintaining the quality of their product through the most luxurious materials and by designing their leather products timelessly and architecturally. It’s the favorite purse you will reach for when you’re leaving the house for the office or for cocktails and of course is perfectly paired against a capsule Classic Six wardrobe this season and for seasons to come.

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