Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is one of those unique holidays where you find yourself teetering between dressing a notch up from last year, because you know, pictures - versus dressing for blissful comfort. While some of us may lean more towards the casual end of the spectrum given that you are in fact eating the entire day, not to mention slaving away over a hot stove to please your Mother in Law, there’s simply no reason why you must sacrifice a chic holiday look for the sake of a temporarily tight waistband. Pilates class will be there in the morning, we promise. In the meantime we took the liberty of styling you for your Thanksgiving festivities. Just another reason to feel grateful this season. Thank us later. 

For those who want a look that leans towards formal and super flattering for every figure, but also the epitome of luxurious leisure, the Classic Six Twiggy is a prime choice. The shift style allows for eating as much turkey as your heart desires. No waistband. No figure hugging. Pure comfort. Pair with knee high boots or your favorite nude pumps to elevate the look an inch further. Accessorize with a silk scarf tied ascot style around your neck and opt for a clutch over a tote.

Another great outfit option with similar accessorizing is the Marilyn accordion skirt paired under the Jackie Duster coat. The coat is a great layering outfit elevator, plus  it’s the perfect length for a longer cut skirt like the Marilyn and the two pieces create a symbiotic relationship, each complementing one another. 

If your Thanksgiving plans consist of staying home with your immediate family, we love a Donna button down paired with the Beverly wide leg pants in navy blue. It has been said that these pants feel like sweats, and honestly we can’t disagree. Throw on the Brigette sweater for a family picture next to the fireplace and it has hashtag blessed written all over it. 

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