Cyber Week Shopping Tips

It’s that time of the year again. Wasn’t it just yesterday we were online shopping for Labor Day sales? That was kid stuff. Welcome to Cyber Week. That special stretch of days where that thing you’ve been eyeing all year is finally on sale. Now that we’ve arrived at this most sacred week - now would be a good time to ask yourself how skilled of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopper are you? Because as it turns out, having a well thought out plan to steer through endless racks, pages and carts is more valuable than all of your promo codes combined. Here are a few cyber week tips to ensure you don’t overspend and you don’t get distracted with glittery impulse purchases that won’t hold stock in your closet by New Years. 

Tip one: Create a list of needs and wants. Ask yourself a few questions as you go through each row. How long have you needed/wanted this item? Does it add value to your current wardrobe and the wardrobe you’re presently building? Is it timeless? 

Tip two: It’s quality over quantity no matter how good the promo code is. You can buy 20 itchy sweaters for the same price as one incredibly cozy cashmere sweater that you’ll wear time and time again. See our point? 

Tip three: Use Cyber week as an opportunity to invest in seasonless pieces that you’ll have forever. Whether it’s a vintage designer bag, a coveted cocktail ring or a classic Jackie Duster coat, make sure they are worthy add to cart purchases that will elevate your finished look.

Pro tip: A wise woman (or was it a meme?) once said…Nothing haunts us more than the thing we didn’t buy. You get the picture. 

Tip four: If you’re shopping for clothing for family and friends, know their measurements before buying. Each Classic Six garment has a true to size measuring chart listed right under the item’s description. Take a glance before adding to cart to avoid having them exchange it for the right size! 

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