Trick or Chic? Halloween Costume Edit

Need a Halloween costume idea that doesn't involve going to a hellish Party City and choosing in between sexy black cat or sexy cop while the cacophony of children’s tantrums circle you like a raven? Now that’s scary. This year, skip the migraine and predictable getup and lean into some cinematic inspiration from an iconic character that oozes timeless style. Fill up your candy dishes to the brim and RSVP to that Halloween party because this year you’re going as the iconic Kim Boggs. Blonde hair with curtain bangs sold separately. Also if you want to get bangs anytime in the future, we know a guy. His name is Eddie. 

Being different is terrifying. At least that’s the message Tim Burton put forth in his cult following film, Edward Scissorhands. Winona Ryder plays empathetic, sometimes rebellious, Kim Boggs - Edward’s love interest. Her style is a consistent blend of vintage simplicity and elegance throughout the entire movie - even towards the end when her style gets a bit edgier and moodier as her character develops. In the first half of the film, she’s often seen in soft, neutral tones, highlighting her purity and innocence while drawing a contrast against Edward’s dark, gothic world which makes Kim’s pastel colored life seem all the more creepy. Think Pleasantville but with like.. office supplies for hands.  Her A-line skirts, Peter Pan collars under creamy cardigans, headbands and pearl detailing bring the 1950’s Americana to hysteria but yet Kim’s style somehow still feels relevant, even today. 

Kim Boggs' style still serves looks for both fashion enthusiasts and designers present day due to the perfect balance of vintage elements and modern touches in her outfits. The film successfully has paved the way for a renewed interest in retro, timeless fashion - a theme we love to celebrate all year round. 

How to put it all together: Donna blouse underneath ivory Twiggy dress with tights underneath and a headband. Add a little pin to your collar and blow out your hair for extra volume. 

Happy Halloween!

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