Upgrade Your Look - Accessory Edition

If you want to know how to take your basics and bring them to a tier that mimics the likes of Bergdorfs, then see your way straight to your accessories. An outfit without accessories is like a cupcake with no frosting. The foundation is there but the sweetness of it all just falls a bit short. That's why the right purse, shoes, belt and jewelry hold so much power. Accessories have the unique ability to transform a thirty dollar outfit that you thrifted, and flip it into a luxe, posh-forward masterpiece. On the flip side, the wrong accessory can make a high fashion outfit look cheap, thoughtless and otherwise regretful. All you have to do is snap some pictures, wait a few years and then take a trip down memory lane. God, that stings. Did the image of Lenny Kravitz and his gargantuan scarf pop into your head or was it just me? I rest my case. 

Allow us to take you well beyond the threads to further expand your ensemble horizon. Let’s talk about how to utilize seemingly small details like an accessory to create killer, elevated style. Become an accessory to murderous lewks, if you will. Get your affairs in order and read on. 

Before you start rummaging through your wardrobe and stacking bangles up to your shoulders, figure out what kind of message you want to convey with your outfit before you head out the door. Because a statement piece will do just that. Find a chunky necklace, vibrantly colored scarf or unique, head turning shoes. This will add exclamation points throughout your ensemble where softer accessories might just end your look with a mundane period. Statement pieces are anything but periods. And grammatically speaking, please wear one to two statement pieces per look otherwise it easily becomes a run-on sentence - almost like this one.Back to fashion. Belts are a creative and simple way to not only amplify an outfit but enhance your natural shape. The Twiggy shift dress is a perfect example of this. Once you add a sleek belt into the mix, it feels new, fresh and like a completely different outfit. As the weather gets chillier and you reach for your gloves and hat, reach for a belt too and wear it over your coat!  If you haven’t yet, it might be time to invest in a structured bag. It doesn’t have to be a high end designer label - but the quality should be evident. It can be large enough to hold your everyday essentials while still maintaining its shape and finish. Opt for real leather of course. Real, quality materials will always hike up the impression of your outfit - every time.

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