The Fall Fashion Obsession

While Summer seems to be the fan favorite season, it’s most likely due to childhood nostalgia of the school year coming to an end, juxtaposing with an ungovernable freedom of Marco Polo, s’mores and sleeping in. It’s all fun and games but it’s all little white lies. Once the thermostat drops an inch, the excitement barometer sky rockets - especially on the catwalk. Fall is here and the obsession is real. With its cozy sweaters, rich hues, and layered ensembles,  this season is endowed with unique charm that ignites a collective passion for fashion. Not to mention homemade soup on the stove. Mmmm. Talk a walk on the crunchy leaves with us as we dive into all the irresistible reasons why Autumn style is every stylish girl's secret favorite season. Just admit it alreadyyyyy. 

If you’re not shallow like me then you’ll find a deeper meaning behind Autumn outfit obsession. Fall fashion captures the essence of transition, mirroring the changing landscape around us. Just as trees shed their leaves, we shed our lightweight summer attire for sumptuous layers. This shift allows us to connect with nature's transformation and express our own evolution through fashion. Bet you never thought of it that way. Pairing a turtleneck under the Twiggy dress with the Katherine blazer slung over the shoulders is an ideal example for F/W 2023 layering where comfort fuses with sophistication. A union made in heaven - if heaven was below 60 degrees.C6_InstagramFeed_LOOKBOOKLR29.jpg

Fall allows us a playground for accessorizing. From cashmere scarves and wool-felt fedoras to turquoise stone belts and extra chunky necklaces, accessories play a crucial role in enhancing fall looks. These accents allow your uniqueness to be showcased and give you more options to play around with your outfit.

The shoes are a whole other story. We literally can not wait to store away the flip flops and open toe sandals and break open our clogs, chelsea’s and loafers! Fall boots were made for walking. After all, what better way to connect with the rhythmic change of nature than by dressing chic? 

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