The Joy Of Boyfriend Clothes

There’s something timeless and effortlessly chic about borrowing out of your boyfriend's closet. Ok, fine…not borrowing - stealing. He may disagree. Besides the sentimental aspect of it,  nothing says romance like hijacking his favorite Oxford shirt only to never return to his side of the closet ever again. (I happen to have a graveyard of men’s T-shirts in the bottom drawer of my dresser)  Boyfriend clothes, those oversized sweaters, slouchy blazers, and roomy button-down shirts, have made their way into our wardrobe for some time now. The oversized look is a classic style choice that adds a touch of sophistication and comfort to your wardrobe. And if you’re commitment phobic like me, you’ll wind up with an impressive and expansive collection. Score.


The concept of borrowing from the boys is nothing new. Icons like Katharine Hepburn (you’ve heard of her) and Audrey Hepburn (her too) famously embraced androgynous fashion, and their looks remain iconic to this day - especially here. Boyfriend clothes carry a timeless appeal that transcends trends, ensuring real estate  in your wardrobe for a very, very long time. 

One of the most alluring aspects of boyfriend/oversized clothes is the unparalleled comfort they offer. That’s obvious. But comfort doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Boyfriend clothes bring a unique blend of relaxed elegance that's both comfortable and fashionable. Sizing up in the Donna button-down for example is such a simple way to achieve as there is an innate coolness factor associated with oversized. You exude a sense of style that suggests you didn't try too hard, or try at all - to look fabulous. It’s the laid-back, low-key vibe we all seek to obtain. Rocking oversized apparel isn’t exclusive for lazy Sunday afternoons. Boyfriend clothes can be incredibly versatile if done right.  You can  dress it  up or down, depending on the occasion. Pair a slightly oversized Katharine blazer over the Kate slip skirt and a pair of heels for an unexpected twist on a special occasion.

There's something intriguing about the balance between masculinity and femininity that boyfriend clothes bring to your style. Wearing this look can add a touch of mystery and allure to you, as they play with the idea of contrast, creating a captivating visual narrative of boy meets girl and girl meets sweatshirt.  

Special thanks to: Bobby, Chris, James, Jack, Jack S, Thomas, Steve, and of course our very own Cary... For all the sweaters you’re never getting back.

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