Dressing Basic vs Being Basic

Ah, navigating the landmines of how to dress without dressing basic without being a basic…you know what. Being called basic today hits below the Gucci belt. Let’s get one thing straight though. Being basic has very little to do with what you’re actually wearing and more about how you’re wearing it. White t-shirts and blue jeans are foundational basics but they’re not really basic. Are You wearing the exact same cold shoulder beige sweater with Zara jeans and over the knee boots just like your girlfriend and her friend’s friend? You might be basic then. But we’ve been basic too and we’re here to help you evolve your foundation into your highest and most stylish version of yourself. 

So now that you’ve been called the worst name in the book, we can only go up. Basic dressing is not not to be confused as the coveted, simplistic styling. The style where you either have it or you don’t. And if you don’t, then you must learn it. Basic is boring and overdone. It's the carbon copy, Uber trendy. It hides your personality so deep that no light can permeate through. Forget main character energy. The basic B is the sidekick where development ceases to exist. 

Classic Six is all about not overthinking your basics or your foundations. With so many ways to reinterpret one item, like the Brigette sweater for example, one can never get lost in the Ashley abyss. Step away from the mundane, the overly repeated looks you see while scrolling down through the gram and embrace your individuality. 

Written by a former Ashley xx

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