Need a lewk for Labor Day? Look no further

As we bid Summer adieu, we give a warm, but not too warm of a welcome to a crisp early Autumn. We start it off as we always do with the unofficial end-to-Summer holiday of Labor Day, which as it turns out, is the perfect occasion to take off work in style. The long September weekend gives us permission to showcase our unique sensibilities while paying homage to timeless aesthetics so long as someone is throwing an honorable final BBQ.  Let’s infuse your Labor Day look with a blend of creativity, tradition, and classic elegance. And yes, white is encouraged today, tomorrow and the day after that as well because I know you’re wondering. 

Depending on what kind of LDW event you will be attending, experimenting with color is encouraged - especially ones that bring about the changing season or that of a possible Indian Summer to come. The traditional color palette for these festivities usually embraces whites and blues. Nod to tradition by dressing it up and pairing a classic white blouse such as the Donna, with the Marilyn Accordion skirt in denim. Little more casual? The classic James linen tee paired with ivory  jeans and a brown braid belt and accessorizing with a vibrant scarf that pays respect to soon-to-be fall foliage.

Don’t forget to accessorize! That’s the best part! Classic accessories serve as the cornerstone of Labor Day fashion. A wide-brimmed hat elegantly shields you from the late-summer sun while adding a touch of sophistication. Adorn your wrist with stacks of tennis bracelets and heirlooms. Incorporate a structured tote bag or a woven clutch to complete your super chic ensemble. 

Wait, I lied - effortless layering is actually the best part. Labor Day bridges the gap between Summer and Fall, layering becomes a creative and functional approach from a high noon pool day to cozying up around a beach bonfire. Opt for the Brigitte sweater to throw on over your look when the temperature drops. 
Happy, Classy Labor Day! 

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