Is Your Manicure Classy? Better Be.

Based on true events.

A few years back, I was at a super chic event with beautiful people in Southampton. Everyone was dressed in their very best and the sound of a piano playing hummed softly in the background, hovering above a sea of crisp linen, champagne flutes and Loro Piana loafers. At some point, between snatching another mini lobster roll (I was well over my allotment) and people watching, I was introduced to the hostess, who happened to be the best dressed and most sophisticated woman in the room. She extended her dainty hand to me, like a gracious ballerina and I couldn’t help but admire the dazzle of her tennis bracelet (it’s sparkle practically blinded me and several others). I reached my hand to hers and noticed her manicure. Or lack thereof. To my horror, they were chipped and chewed - a remnant of Essie, Fiji from no less than three weeks ago, whittled down to the bone.  And just like that, I demoted the hostess with the mostest to the troll under the Brooklyn bridge. Dramatic? Yes. Judgemental? Absolutely. As if this horror story didn’t send you running to the salon already, here’s why the status of your mani is worth a second look. Enter the naked nail. 

The manicure that goes with every single style, also known as the 90s supermodel manicure is the go-to for understated elegance. It’s the unbothered, old money, polo, girls named Margot mani. It’s minimalistic yet polished and of course features clean, natural nails with a glossy finish. If you think this look is boring then you might have missed the quiet luxury train that pulled into the station earlier this past spring. The bare, short filed nail is effortless and timeless while ignoring the trends. You won’t see any hand painted holiday inspired art on these tips. The glossy nude nail is perfect for tennis in the morning and a black tie event that same evening. It’s the hue for walking down grocery store aisles to walking down the church aisle. Elegant Simplicity is always a classic and it’s just at your fingertips. 


May we suggest…


Sugar daddy 

Ballet slipper 

Bare with me

Skinny dip 


Put it in neutral 


Baby take a vow


Stay tuned for our next article on the perfect red. Because if not naked, go bold, but always for the love of God take care of the nails. Always. And forever. 

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