Monochrome vs Pattern Mixing

When it comes to style, most of us don’t realize this but when we get dressed for the day, we tend to reach for a certain color item over a silhouette. While every day is different, the color we choose to wear is not just a reflection of how we feel at that moment but also how we want to feel for the rest of the day. Unless you’re a New Yorker and it’s just black attire throughout the year until forever. We invite you to ask yourselves, what do you lean towards more in terms of color - monochromatic or pattern mixing? Why? The different approaches to creating stylish outfits may hint at a not so obvious personality trait. Read on! 

If you opt for monochromatic dressing then you’re set on emphasizing a unified color scheme by creating a sleek and cohesive lewk. It's the perfect choice when you want to achieve a polished and elegant look or when you want to highlight the texture and details of the outfit. The Ann top and Beverly pants matched as a set is a super chic example of monochrome. Personality wise, wearing the same tonal outfit in the same color family can boost your confidence. Wearing a crisp white look allows others to see you as positive and powerful (this girl is not afraid of a wine stain - impressive), while wearing navy blue suggests you or others may perceive you as relaxed and independent. 

If you lean more towards pattern mixing, on the other hand, then you love to utilize different patterns and even textures together, like a Benton stripe boat neck shirt and a sequin skirt. This style is all about juxtaposing contrasting patterns to create a visually dynamic and unique look. The Bianca dress paired with alligator boots is a perfect example of mixing two animal prints together without one over dominating. Mixing requires careful consideration of the colors, scales, and types of patterns to ensure they complement and harmonize with each other. Pattern mixing can reveal to others just how bold, experimental and creative you are. You see fashion as an opportunity to showcase your true self expression. It’s a chic way to showcase your personal style and creativity.

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