A Classic Take on Summer to Fall Wardrobe Transitions

Despite popular opinion, Spring cleaning isn’t exclusive to Spring. The Summer to Autumn wardrobe transition is especially near and dear to every hot blooded woman. Somewhere around August, we start missing the boots and the trench coats. We yearn to layer. Is that a crime? Hardly. Get ready to transition your Summer wardrobe into a classic, attainable and well coordinated look book. As the temp drops, you can achieve a timeless, unstuffy collection where you can seamlessly blend summer and fall styles while exuding an air of cool sophistication. In this guide, we'll explore 3 easy ways to curate a wardrobe that effortlessly transitions from Summer to Fall, all while radiating classic charm with all your seasonless favorite items we wouldn’t want you to part with. 

First things first.

1. Invest in timeless jackets and blazers. 

Obviously we love the Katharine blazer because she is just the perfect transition Summer-Fall piece, that can then be worn under coats for Winter, but honestly any timelessly cut jacket or blazer will do the trick here. You can throw over a tee and jeans and your Summer look becomes something cozier for Fall. Plus, in a go-with-everything color, ahem, navy, it will truly go with everything. It's deep hue instantly elevates the look. Perfect for showcasing your refined taste. Pinky’s up! 

PS. The tartan Katharine will be back in a couple of weeks. You heard it here first!

2. Get your fabric affairs in order.

As the seasons transition, so should your choice of fabrics. Swap lightweight linens for wools, velvets and leathers. Incorporate a chunky wool sweater into your Fall wardrobe and pair it with tailored Beverly trousers or over a great button-down for an effortlessly chic look. Not sure what wool sweater? We may have the answer to that in a couple of weeks as well. ;) 

3. Refresh and repurpose the accessories.

Accessories are key to conveying a classic aura. Opt for minimalistic, high-quality pieces that speak volumes and transcend trends.  Let the Rolex do all the talking. Speaking of time -  a perfectly structured timeless suede handbag or a delicate gold necklace exudes luxury without being showy. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck or drape it over your shoulders for an elegant touch that harkens back to a bygone era. One that is more than a few summers behind us. 

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