Life is but a Nancy Meyers Film so dress like it

“What’s your favorite Nancy Meyers movie?” An old friend asked me over avocado toast and matcha lattes. The it girl version of a green eggs and ham breakfast, but only because everything's green including myself as I can’t unglue my eyes away from her vintage Bottega. “Easy. Something’s Gotta Give because she’s tortured like me.” I say as I take the last bite of sourdough - four bites ahead of VBV. That’s short for vintage Bottega Veneta, okay?  “Oh and she wears turtlenecks in the summer.” I say with my mouth full. VBV grins. Which I interpret as her agreeing with not only me but also the oozy, charming illustrations Nancy Meyers pours into every one of her films. A perfect Ina Garten aesthetically pleasing recipe of wholesome storytelling, style philosophy and thoughtful character development. Her smile continues to widen. “You DO dress like a coastal grandma!”  She laughs. We both laugh. Audibly. And I tell her that’s the nicest thing she’s ever said to me as I slide the check over to her side of the table and put my wallet back in my nameless, Grandma bag.  

The renowned filmmaker behind beloved classics like "The Parent Trap," "The Holiday," and "It's Complicated," is not only an anecdotal master  but also an icon when it comes to timeless fashion. Her films are known for their stunning locations, charming characters, and impeccable style. What sets Meyers' fashion apart is its ability to transcend generations, offering fashion inspiration and oftentimes love advice by way of the protagonist, to women of all ages. The Coastal Grandma trend that took Tik Tok by storm is a testament to the fact that elegance truly knows no age.

Nancy Meyers' fashion aesthetic is characterized by its effortless chic quality. From Diane Keaton's turtlenecks in "Something's Gotta Give" to Meryl Streep's cozy sweaters and crisp button-downs in "It's Complicated," Meyers' characters exude an understated style that women of all generations can’t get enough of. Meyers' fashion sense strikes a perfect balance between tailored silhouettes and relaxed fits. Her characters often wear impeccably tailored blazers and trousers, paired with breezy dresses or cozy knitwear. The good news is that literally everything in the Classic Six capsule collection is ideal to capture this look, maybe for a future film? Nancy. If you’re reading this. Hi. 

Perhaps the most significant fashionable lesson we can pull from Nancy Meyers-inspired style is the importance of embracing one's confidence and individuality. Meyers' characters are unapologetically themselves. Flaws, missteps, blunders and all. We laugh along with each leading role punchline and then we cry when they flounder. Even the sprinkles of unsettled outbursts seem enthralling and glamorous when in cashmere, right? Because they’re all so lovable but beyond that and above all - relatable. 

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